S2S Dual Sit-Stand Workstation - Meets ANSI BIFMA and HFES 100-2007
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S2S Dual Sit-Stand Workstation

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The Silver S2S Dual Standing Desk Workstation is the only ergonomic rear-mounted sit-stand height adjustable workstation that meets the ANSI/BIFMA and HFES 100-2007 requirements that meet the 22" height adjustment. 

The Silver S2S Dual LCD Sit-Stand Workstation that will allow users to adjust their work surface to an ergonomic seated or standing position in a smooth and effortless motion. This adjustable bracket supports most 24” monitors weighing up to 8 lbs. each and offers independent screen adjustments including tilt setting as well as portrait to landscape positioning. Experience S2S workstation with a dual monitor application allowing for simultaneous, parabolic viewing of both screens. Beautifully designed, the Dual Screen S2S will complement every working environment and provide a comfortable and healthy environment for every user.

Please check that your monitor(s) offer a VESA mount option.  

Over the past 10 years we've sold thousands of standing desks and desk risers into Fortune 100, Small & Medium, Start-up and Home Office users. Desks were easy. Most of our desks lower and raise from 22" to 50" tall which ergonomically meets most employees. As more and more companies see productivity rise with a healthier workforce are either remodeling their office with new sit stand desks or retrofit with desk risers. We've seen a major spike in desk riser sales. The only issue is that most are not ergonomic and can cause more issues than they relieve by standing.   
Why I like the S2S Sit Stand Workstation:
When deciding on a desk riser there are two things that are a must for it to truly be ergonomic:
1. You need to make sure you can type in an L-shape position (keyboard height should be right below your elbow.
2. Your eyes line up with the top two to three inches of the monitor.
To work comfortably you need to have as little to no stress on your body. The issue with the desk risers that sit on your desk is that they have fixed shelves. The keyboard tray does no go below the desk top and the monitor shelf is also fixed. Only a 6' to 6'1" can work perfectly ergonomic on these solutions. If you are too short you susceptible to head extension when seated (having to look up puts stress on your neck, head and shoulders) you also have to slump forward to rest your arms on the desk in-order to type, thus not utilizing the back of your chair for support. If you are too tall your are susceptible to Head and neck flexion and wrist extension when the keyboard is too low in the standing position.
The S2S Workstation was designed best ergonomic practices in mind. The keyboard tray can adjust 7.31" below the table top for a person 4'11" to 5' or up to 50" when standing for someone 6'5" tall. The Monitor can be adjusted 9.5" vertically to make sure your monitor is in the best position no matter your height.   
What I don't like about the S2S Sit Stand Workstation:
1. Since the VESA tower is spring loaded it maxes out at 20lbs. If you have to monitors they cannot weigh over 8lbs each (check weight without stand, usually on specs, we can look for you as well).
2. Some companies are moving to dual 27" monitors, this dual crossbar maxes out at 2-24" monitors.
Peter Gilbert, Ergonomic Standing Desk Expert 




  • With over 22” of gas assisted positioning, the S2S moves easily and effortlessly as users transition from seated to standing positions. Accommodates users ranging from the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male.
  • The S2S cleverly mounts at the rear of the work surface and extends forward so the keyboard tray may rest below the desk surface supporting proper ergonomic positioning. Using this location for mounting allows the user to swing the unit out of the way leaving the desk surface fully accessible.
  • Comes with 9.5” of counter balanced height adjustment, 45° of tilt, and 90° of portrait to landscape rotation, monitors may be ergonomically positioned for optimal viewing.
  • The S2S accommodates installed technology ranging from 5 to 20 lbs, specifically supporting 2 LCD screens that weigh a combined weight between 5-16 lbs.
  • The grommet mount included with the S2S Workstation promotes endless possibilities for mounting locations, through the installation of a 5/8” mounting hole. The c-clamp mount that is also included allows the dual directional base to be installed on either 24” or 30” deep work surfaces.
  • The integral dual tray system offers a spacious keyboard and mouse platform with an adjustable tilt mechanism for comfort settings, as well as a secondary surface for placing items which need to remain close at hand while working in either a seated or standing position.
  • Information sharing is seamless as the monitor tower rotates independently from the work surface through 180° left and right range.
  • Tested to 20,000 cycles (with the exception of the monitor tower which is supported up to 10,000 cycles) and comes with a 5-year warranty.


Side-by-side Comparison of Sit Stand Workstations

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Warranty Information

5 Year Warranty