The R-GO Split Wired Ergonomic (QWERTY) Keyboard

R Go Split Keyboard


The R-GO Split Wired Ergonomic (QWERTY) Keyboard

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Product Description

This split keyboard offers all the ergonomic feature sets that anyone needs to enjoy a health pain-free work environment.

Its compact design ensures that while utilizing both the mouse and keyboard, your hands always remain within shoulders width, which is the ideal typing and mousing posture. The two components can be placed in any desired position. This unique design prevents reaching with the arm and ensures a natural and relaxed position of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Thanks to the ultra-light tactile key-stroke, there is a minimal amount of muscle tension while typing. The thin design ensures a relaxed, flat position of the hands and wrists while typing. The keyboard is lightweight and because it consists of two parts, it easily fits into any laptop bag.

The R-GO Split Wired Ergonomic Keyboard, with its design promoting shoulder-width hand positioning, pairs exceptionally well with a penguin mouse. It known for its vertical, ergonomic design, complements the keyboard by ensuring that the hand and wrist are in a natural, strain-free position. This combination of the R-GO keyboard and a penguin-style mouse could offer an optimal ergonomic solution for users looking to enhance their comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries in a computer work environment.

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Model:Split keyboard
Keyboard layout:QWERTY (United States)
Other options:Integrated numeric keyboard


Cable Length (mm):1500


Compatibility:Windows, Linux
Installation:Plug & play


length (mm):288
width (mm):137
height (mm):9
weight (gram):296
Product material:Plastic

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