How Often Should An Office Chair Be Replaced

An office chair will display signs of damage after a while of usage because of several factors, namely the user’s habit or corrosion. So how often should an office chair be replaced?  

This article will provide you with helpful information about the perfect replacement time. Instead of temporarily using duct tape to solve the problem, you should purchase a new one if its lifetime is surpassed.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Office Chair?  

Below are some indicators telling you about the breakdown extent of your chair. Keep scrolling down for further information!

The warranty is expired

That the warranty period of your chair is almost up does not mean it is faulty and should not be used anymore. Yet, this is a good pointer telling you to replace it with a new one.

You must pay more for the unwanted damage because its brand or manufacturers do not guarantee that it is damaged.  Investing in a better-quality chair seems a better option.     

The seat is uncomfortable

We should not underestimate the harmful effect of a wrong chair

Over time, the chair can be looser and stiffer, bringing much discomfort for you when placing your bottom. Under a few circumstances, you can hear creaking or squeaking noises from the wheels. 

When undergoing these unpleasant experiences, you’d better replace them. Besides discomfort, this chair is conducive to other problems by affecting your postures and resulting in back pain or lower productivity.  

Visible tears or cracks appear

Sometimes, you notice minor or large cracks on the surface. This denotes that it’s time to replace the fabric. If your chair is made of leather or mesh, it is impossible to solve the cracks, and replacement is the sole remedy to this predicament.

But what causes these cracks? Some items in your pocket are the underlying root, or your child points some sharp objects toward them. In this case, all you need to do is install new upholstery. But this process is sometimes as expensive as buying a new chair.

The cushion is compressed

The seat cushion is easily compressed because the supported pillow will likely lose its stuff after being used for a period. This issue is simple to notice through feelings about the chair’s bouncing.

You must change the cushion with a suitable fabric to address the matter, but you may need help to look for the same fabric or cushion for your chair on the market.   

The mechanisms are not stable and tight

A chair’s mechanisms include the armrest’s bolts or the locking machine responsible for holding its headrest. Their materials are metal in most cases, so they cannot avoid being susceptible to rusting.

If the corrosion extent diminishes, calling a professional technician for help is advisable.     

The appearance is degrading

If your chair looks so bad compared to its functions, there might be something wrong with it. Usually, a shabby-looking chair is the core indicator of its poor performance. When using it, watch out because you can get injuries anytime.

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How Often Should An Office Chair Be Replaced?

Given the frequent maintenance, replacing your chair with a new one after 7 and 8 years would be best. Yet, every chair is different. For instance, the leather chair may be more vulnerable to wear than the mesh one.

The user’s habits also decide its appearance, quality, and functions. If you take great care of it and regularly perform cleaning approaches, it will stay as long as possible. But replacement is the looming scenario if you usually jump on it, draw carelessly on its surface, or use pointed objects to scratch it. 

How To Get Rid Of Old Office Chairs?

A broken chair is discarded with other junk types

There are many ways you can get rid of a damaged chair. The most common way is throwing it as trash, but doing so has environmental repercussions. Instead, you can resell it, as many people are willing to buy second-hand products because they are not financially stable.

Donating is also a good idea. You can bring it to a charity shop or charitable organization. Remember to ensure the quality because they are happy to accept if its conditions are good.

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After this post, you will successfully solve the question: How often should an office chair be replaced? Knowing the proper replacement time is essential in protecting your health and preventing the chair from sudden breakdown.    

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!


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