How Much Do Office Chairs Cost

How much do office chairs cost? Read our article for clarification. We’ll list some factors affecting its cost, so you can consider which one offers an affordable price and make an informed decision about buying the office chair. Let’s follow along!

What Are the Prices of Office Chairs?

The average cost of an office chair ranges from $100 to $1500, depending on the quality, warranty, customizations, etc. High-quality products, more ergonomic options and features, and a 10-year warranty usually cost around $350 to $800.

The price range of desk chairs is quite extensive

Here is the table of prices for your preference:

Type and descriptionPrice
Basic cloth: Covered task chairFrom $80 to $150
Task chair made from leather and  with more comfort features and adjustmentsFrom $200 to $500
Basic modelsFrom $100 to $400

Office Chair Sample Costs

The table below explains the cost of different types of office chairs:

TypePrice tag
Leather ExecutiveFrom $160 to $610
Mesh OfficeFrom $69 to $155
High backFrom $155 to $270
Chairs for call centersFrom $98 to $170

Conference Room Chair Costs

The expected price of a standard chair for conference rooms is from $55 to $370. Meanwhile, the exclusive one can cost up to  $1,300.

Let’s look at the table below for more details:

TypeDescriptionPrice tag
Stackablebasic upright design and cloth seatsAround $60
Mesh-backmetal frameFrom $90 to $155
Round-backmade of a wooden frame and fabric materialFrom $190 to $3000
Executivedurable fabric, sleek design, and high comfortFrom $360 to $1300

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What Factors Affect The Price Of Office Chairs?

Warranty, build quality, fit and finish, adjustability, and customization are key factors contributing to a desk chair’s cost.


The warranty policy is one of the crucial elements determining the price of office chairs. The more expensive the chair is, the longer the warranty will be.

Products of low-quality materials will likely have a 1 to 5 years warranty, while high-end ones will be covered with 10 to 12 years of service. Plus, better quality chairs can be supported with more significant weight limits and all the chair’s parts.

The longer the guarantee, the more pricey the product

Build Quality

Build quality means the craftsmanship and capability to resist wear and tear of the chair. The price increases or decreases depending on this overall quality.

Low-quality products usually have simple bases, thin, uncomfortable seat pads, and coarse mesh backs. Meanwhile, high-end ones have sturdy aluminum bases, comfortable foam seats, and flexible mesh backs. The better build quality offers better rolling on different types of floors.

Fit And Finish

Besides the first two factors. It also depends on the overall fit and finish. You can find crooked, uneven parts that can’t match appropriately in cheap products, making them shaky. They’re made of the wrong fabric and need more finish customizations.  

On the other hand, with high-quality chairs, you don’t need to worry about being wiggly or broken as the parts stay correctly in their places. They also have better materials and finishes.


Adjustability can add a higher price to office chairs. Low-budget products only feature basic adjustments, such as changing the seat height and reclining the tilt. It may be challenging to use these functions due to low quality.

On the contrary, high-budget products have more features, such as lumbar support or an adjustable seat depth. You also will feel they work more accessible and smoother.


More customizations are equal to higher prices. You only have a few choices with low-budget products except what is shown in the catalog, whereas the high price tag usually comes with more options for customization.

You can enjoy a variety of choices, including materials, finishes, mesh backs, and casters, and it’s also possible to have a chair with more armrest options and other ergonomic adjustments.

Costly chairs can allow for better adjustability


How much do office chairs cost? A wide range of prices varies depending on several factors, such as warranty, build quality, fit and finish, adjustability, and customization options. The expected budget ranges from $100 to $1500. And remember that the quality is proportional to the price.  


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