Ergoprise Aero Attachable Laptop Stand
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Aero Attachable Laptop Stand

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aero1013, aero1415, aero1617
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A true innovation in office ergonomics:

Imagine you can move freely and enjoy the comfort that comes with an ergonomic workstation, while the frustration of packing and unpacking your equipment over and over again just disappears. With aero you can do all this in the office, on a train, in a coffee shop, on the sofa – because aero is available anytime and anywhere.

The aero is the lightest (5oz) and thinnest (1/10th of a inch) laptop stand. It is also the fastest: it takes a sharp 2 seconds to set it up.


Aero Attachable Laptop Stand comes in three sizes to attach to every notebook including the MacBook Pro 15, Dell Inspiron 17, Alienware M18, HP Pavilion D7 and more:
  • aero1013 - for 10-13 inch screen diagonal laptop
  • aero1415 - for 14-15 inch screen diagonal laptop
  • aero1617 - for 16-17 inch screen diagonal laptop

Attached to the laptop for total mobility:

The aero connects easily to the bottom of the laptop and stays securely there as long as you want to. It's there day after day, it becomes one with your laptop, so you have the same mobility you are used to. aero complements so naturally you laptop as if this ergonomic interface was built into.
The stand can also be easily detached in case you need access to the underside of your laptop, then, of course, reattached with equal ease.

An Unparalleled 1/10 of an inch thick:

You will be truly surprised by just how thin and light aero really is. The 2.5mm (1/10 in) thickness and 135gr (1/3 pounds) in weight give you all the reasons to be surprised. And because aero is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloyl, the strength and stability are the same as of other much bigger and heavier stands.

2 seconds to open
2 seconds to close

That is how we define mobility.

Because it shouldn't stop at thin and light. If you have to struggle packing up just to move to the next office, and in half an hour to pack it up again to move back, it just isn't worth it. With aero, our designers and engineers created a simple yet secure mechanism that requires literally 2 seconds to open or close.

No setup, no cables, no straps. Just freedom.

Comfort while you work:

The 3 elevation adjustments are easy to interchange, thus you can easily find the correct and comfortable height. When you  switch work desk or chair, aero can immediately compensate for. Furthermore, by adjusting the stand to the lowest elevation, you can use directly the laptop's keyboard, so cramped positions in airline sits become instantly comfortable.
Raising the top of the screen to the eyes level insures an ergonomic posture. Within just a few hours of using the aero, you can feel an ease in neck and upper back. Tests conducted in real-life conditions showed that extensive use of aero stand along with a keyboard and mouse further reduce strain in the shoulders, arms, and wrist.
Ultimately, ergonomics is what aero stands for.

Simple design.
Sophisticated engineering.

Lead by design engineers dedicated an entire year to creating the lightest and the most portable laptop stand on the market. Over 40 aero-like cardboard models left the design room. Nearly 15 prototypes were tested in real life conditions. Setting up, traveling, bending, torquing, stressing, dropping - all to ensure that the product that reaches you exceeds the essential requirements of durability and safety.