S-board 840 Design USB ergonomic keyboard
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Bakker Elkhuizen S-board 840 Compact Ergonomic Keyboard (USB)

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S-board 840 Compact Ergonomic Keyboard (USB)

Bakker Elkhuizen offers an attractive ergonomic designed keyboard, made from the highest quality materials; an ideal keyboard for both your workstation or laptop. The smaller footprint gives you the opportunity to mouse closer to the keyboard which helps reduce RSI.  

This keyboard has a optimal lay-out with full sized laptop keys. This keyboard has a large enter key and space-bar and has several multimedia hotkeys. This keyboard can be used for a desktop and/or a laptop. A matching Numeric Keypad can be ordered with this keyboard. 

BakkerElkhuizen BNES840DUS compact keyboard S-board 840 Design USBBakkerElkhuizen BNES840DUS compact keyboard S-board 840 Design USB


  • Handy: Comes with multimedia keys and 2 USB ports
  • Optimal layout: extra wide space-bar and user-friendly positioned arrow keys
  • Mobile: only 0.78" thick and lightweight
  • Ergonomic: pleasurable typing feeling (shear mechanism instead of membranes)
  • Can be extended with a complementary numeric keyboard (number pad)


  • Height: 0.78"
  • Width: 12"
  • Depth: 6.5"
  • Weight: 1.05lb