How To Fix A Broken Office Chair

Many notice several symptoms of a failing chair but ignore it due to their lack of know-how. This article introduces comprehensive guidelines on how to fix a broken office chair.  

Suppose you are dealing with a damaged one and hesitate whether it’s time to purchase a new model. Detailed information is waiting for you to explore. Let’s check now!

What Are The Common Causes Behind A Broken Office Chair? 

Sometimes, you might notice that your office chair displays squeaking sounds and don’t know its culprits. In most cases, a malfunctioning cylinder is responsible for this phenomenon. It can be prone to rusting or corrosion, resulting in improper operation.

The strange noise is the most minor problem and could signify further repercussions. You end up with other serious issues, such as a faulty base, broken wheels, loose seating, a bad caster cap, etc.

If your chair incurs extensive wear, like its parts being separated, replacing it with a new one is highly recommended. But given the minor damage extent, you can apply the all-inclusive instructions below. Stay tuned!

How To Fix A Broken Office Chair?

The fixes of a broken chair are more accessible than you have imagined. And this procedure is even simplified through our following explanations.

Solutions are attached to six common problems: failing wheels, a loose base, worn-out seating, malfunctioning caster cap, torn armrest, and damaged back support.  

Failing wheels

Wheels are one of the most important parts because they help support most of your body’s weight and pressure. Over time, it is susceptible to wear, and you find it challenging to move around comfortably.

Squeaking or cracking noises are clear indicators. Suppose you notice these sounds. The wheels may crave lubrication. It would be best to have qualified technicians check. Then, he will figure out something abnormal.

The loose base

You feel your chair is tipping or rocking, which can be boiled down to a loose base. In this situation, you should check the screws that stabilize the floor and gently tighten them if necessary.

Contaminants, like debris or crud, are also responsible for the matter. Remember to clean it, especially its base, at least once weekly to avert dirt build-up.

The worn-out seating

After a period of use, the seat might become worn or even torn into places. The optimal remedy is scrubbing soap and warm water solution over its surface. Let it dry completely before sitting on it.

The replacement may be a better option if you see some cracks on its surface. You should also buy a new one from a reliable store, like Okamura, if the seat is unstable by sliding around or there is a gap between the frame and seat.

A perfectly smooth seat without any cracks

The malfunctioning caster cap

Caster caps are invented to facilitate the smooth ride of an office chair, usually located at its bottom. If they loosen, prepare a screwdriver or socket wrench to tighten it.

If all four caps are bad, remove them with a pry bar. Then, flip your chair upside-down and install new ones.

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The torn armrest

The armrest is vulnerable to damage, especially breaking and cracking, because its primary material is plastic. Don’t worry, as this part is relatively straightforward to fix.

All you need to do is loosen the screws before removing them all. Take the padding out with the assistance of a screwdriver. Next, carefully clean both sides’ holes to ensure they are contaminant-free. Eventually, install the armrest screws in their original positions and test your chair.

The damaged back support

A chair’s back support is easy to adjust; you could modify it to fit your height and body type. Sometimes, you may struggle to customize its position, so here are some tips.

Remove all surrounding parts that can be removed, like the backrest or armrest. Please remove the back support and tighten its nuts and bolts attentively before putting them back.


How to fix a broken office chair? You can answer this question quickly. Depending on each culprit and the damage extent, you should apply suitable solutions to solve this problem effectively. 

If you need detailed instructions, watch the video below:


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