Can An Office Chair Fit In A Car?

Can an office chair fit in a car? This article has got you covered. Let’s explore the feasibility of transporting a chair in a vehicle. From considering the chair’s dimensions to practical tips for fitting it in your car, you’ll find the best solutions for your transportation needs.

The Feasibility of Transporting Office Chairs in Car?

Most office chairs are 40 inches by 20 inches in size. This size can fit comfortably in cars. Even better would be for workplace chairs to be smaller than this. In comparison, you can need help to do your office vehicle desk chair in a car if it is more significant than this size. But we should take some of the chairs apart.

You’ll need to consider the chair’s dimensions, including height and width, and the available space in your car before attempting to transport it. Removing detachable parts and folding back seats can help create more room. Ultimately, it’s crucial to assess the chair and car sizes to determine if they are compatible with transporting a chair.

How To Fit An Office Chair In A Car?

So how do you fit your chair in a car? Stay tuned. These step-by-step guides will give you all the necessary information!

Dimensions of an office chair

Step 1: Measure the height of the office chair

You should use a measuring tape to determine the chair’s height from the floor to the highest point. Then, consider whether the seat can fit within the vertical space of your car’s cargo area.

Step 2: Measure the width of the office chair

After that, measure the widest part of the seat. This is often the distance between the armrests. Doing so lets you assess whether the seat’s width allows it to pass through the car’s doors and fit comfortably.

Step 3: Measure the depth or length of the office chair

Measure the distance from the front edge of the seat to the farthest point at the back, including the backrest if applicable. Then, compare this measurement with the available space in your car’s cargo area.

Step 4: Assess the chair’s detachable parts

After finishing, you should determine if the seat has detachable components, such as armrests or backrests. Remove these parts to reduce the chair’s overall dimensions for more accessible transportation.

Step 5: Compare the chair’s dimensions with the car’s space

Consider your car’s cargo area measurements, including height, width, and depth. You can compare these dimensions with the chair’s measurements to determine enough space to accommodate the seat.

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Measure your trunk or car

Step 1: Open the trunk

You can start by opening the trunk or cargo area of your car. This step allows you to access the space for fitting the office seat.

Step 2: Clear out the trunk

Remove any items or objects occupying the trunk space to measure your free distance. Clearing it out provides a better understanding of the available room for the chair.

You can clear out the trunk to better measure the available space

Step 3: Measure the trunk’s height

Use a measuring tape to measure the vertical height of the trunk. This measurement will help determine if the seat can fit vertically when placed inside.

Step 4: Measure the trunk’s width

When you’re done, measure the width of the trunk at its widest point. This measurement will indicate whether the seat can fit through the trunk opening.

Step 5: Assess the overall space

Finally, compare the measurements of the seat with the measurements of your trunk. Consider the height, width, and depth to determine whether the chair fits comfortably within the available space.

Tips For Fitting An Office Chair In The Car?

Now that you’ve known the way to fit a seat in your car let’s move on to all the tricks and tips:

Detach your chair can help make transporting much easier

Remove some components of your office chair

To fit a seat in your car, consider removing some components. Identify detachable parts like armrests, backrests, or cushions. You can detach the armrests,  remove the backrest, and remove any extra pillows.

Disassemble the office chair

You can lower the seat height to its minimum setting. Then, remove the cushion and disassemble the backrest by following the instructions. After that, store the disassembled parts in the car for more accessible transportation.

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Fitting an office seat in a car is possible with careful consideration of the seat’s dimensions and the available space in the car’s trunk or cargo area. You can find a suitable solution by measuring both and disassembling some components. So, can an office chair fit in a car with proper planning? Absolutely!

If you want to learn more tips, this video will be a great help:


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