How Much Does An Office Chair Weigh

How much does an office chair weigh? It is essential to consider when buying a new chair for yourself at home or office. When you start searching for an office chair’s information, one of the most confusing things may be knowing which weight you should care about, pounds or KGs.

The article will review this problem and give some valuable tips below regarding selecting your office chair according to its weight.

How Much Does An Office Chair Weigh?

A typical office chair ought to weigh between 15 and 30 pounds. However, you should look for a chair with a bigger weight capacity if you need to fit a large person in it.

Follow us to evaluate the difference between pounds and KGs in the tables below.

Evaluations for weight of pounds

The pound chart is neatly organized by chair type, weight, and maximum weight limit, making it easy to digest all the necessary details at a glance. Check it out!

Chair nameWeight (pounds)Weight limit (pounds)
Poly & Bark11275
Flash Furniture11.25300
Winsome Wood16220
Furmax Office Chair35.1280
Ergonomic Office Chair20.5280

As can be seen in the chart, the average value for pound weight is about 22.7 pounds, followed by five brand chairs. Therefore, this value can vary on the number of chairs, and you can try the test for better results.

Evaluations for weight of kgs

There is a similar analysis of KG weight for five office chairs below. Let’s check here.

Chair nameWeight (KGs)Weight limit (KGs)
Poly & Bark4.9124
Flash Furniture5.1136
Winsome Wood7.2104
Furmax Office Chair15.9127
Ergonomic Office Chair18.3113

From that, you can see the average weight of KGs is about 10.2 KGs. This value is highly evaluated for any user to experience anytime and anywhere.

Which Is The Limited Weight For Any Office Chair?

The weight limit of a chair can make or break your comfort, and it’s crucial to know the recommended capacity. Most office chairs have a weight limit ranging from 250 to 350 pounds, but some can support up to 500 pounds or more.

Choosing an office chair that can support your weight is crucial to ensure the chair’s comfort, safety, and longevity. Testing the chair by trying it on your person before purchasing is also a good idea to ensure it is comfortable and can support your weight. Remember that selecting the right chair can make all the difference in your comfort and productivity at work.

Considering a chair’s weight and dimension on the website

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Weights Of Common Kinds Of Office Chairs

Before ordering, we will give you weights of common types of office chairs for further information. You can learn more about how to set up them, which is simpler to select.

Tall & big chairs

These chairs are specifically designed to cater to the needs of larger individuals whose weight and size may exceed the capacity of standard office chairs, which typically cap out at around 250 pounds.

With sturdy frames, wider seats, and higher weight limits, big and tall office chairs can provide the necessary support and comfort for extended work hours.

A big chair brings a comfortable feeling to users
Chair nameWeightWeight limit
Big & Tall Heavy Duty22.6 KG (50 pounds)226 KG (500 pounds)
Amazon Basics26.3 KG (58 pounds)226 KG (500 pounds)
Sadie Big & Tall19.9 KG (44 pounds)181 KG (400 pounds)

Ergonomic chairs

These chairs weigh in at around 18.4 pounds. But what makes ergonomic chairs stand out from the rest? One key feature is the mesh back, which provides breathability and helps reduce the chair’s overall weight.

However, if you opt for a model with a headrest (which many ergonomic chairs offer), you can expect an additional 1-2 pounds of weight.

Chair nameWeightWeight limit
KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh10.7 KG (23.6 pounds)136.1 KG (300 pounds)
Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable20.2 KG (44.6 pounds)149.7 KG (330 pounds)
Hbada Mesh Office Chair11.4 KG (25.13 pounds)136.1 KG (300 pounds)

Executive chairs

The average weight of an executive chair is around 29.87 pounds. The plush padding around the back and seat pan, padded armrests, and high backs, complete with headrests, are vital contributors to their weight.

With their sleek designs and added comfort, executive chairs are the perfect choice for those looking to make a statement in their workspace.

BOSS Executive chair is highly recommended for users
Chair nameWeightWeight limit
BOSS Executive Woven Chair16.8 KG (37 pounds)181.4 KG (400 pounds)
Amazon Basics Classic Leather Mid-Back Chair15.2 KG (33.51 pounds)102.1 KG (225 pounds)
BOSS Double Plush Mid Back19.1 KG (42 pounds)124.7 KG (275 pounds)

Task chairs

The task chairs are the lightest on the listings, with an average weight of only 22.5 pounds. This is due to their sleek and simple design, which prioritizes functionality and ease of use.

Chair nameWeightWeight limit
BOSS Armless Task Chair7.3 KG (16 pounds)125 KG (275 pounds)
OFM ESS Collection Mesh Back no armrests9.8 KG (21.6 pounds)113 KG (250 pounds)
Diffrient World Mesh Chair13.6 KG (30 pounds)150 KG (331 pounds)

Essential Considerations About A Office Chair Weight

If you want to understand an office chair’s weight, you should get essential considerations about why the weight is important to you:

  • Safety: Dragging around a heavy piece of furniture can be a hassle, and chairs are no exception. You can opt for a lightweight chair to significantly reduce the strain on your back and promote better overall health.
  • Cost: The heavier an item, the more expensive it tends to be. However, this is only sometimes due to the increased material cost; sometimes, it can be attributed to the item’s shipping weight.
  • Room: Office chairs that are heavier in weight tend to be longer, more significant, and taller than their lighter counterparts. Choose a smaller or larger chair, depending on your room or office’s space.

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This blog helps you detect that knowing “How much does an office chair weigh?” is essential. The average weight and weight limit will give you better options when buying office chairs to serve your daily demand. Please check more information about chair brands to get the best products. 


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