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For all women, becoming pregnant is the most exciting and joyful time. In addition to being happy, it is also a difficult and trying time in their lives, especially for those who work. As the body undergoes significant changes during pregnancy, it becomes crucial to prioritize comfort and well-being, especially during extended hours of office work. This is where the importance of finding the best office chair for pregnancy comes into play.

In this guide, we explore thetop 6 office chairs. All items can empower expectant mothers to make an informed choice that nurtures their health and productivity during this unique chapter of their lives.

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Author rating: 4.3/5

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

The Herman Miller Embody Office Chair offers advanced ergonomic support, promoting healthy posture and comfort during prolonged sitting. Its dynamic design adapts to the user’s body for optimal performance. More than 20 physicians and PhDs in the fields of biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics contributed their expertise to help guide the development of this chair.

Key specifications

Materials: Graphite, Aluminum, Polyester

28” x 27” x 38.25”

Color: Black

1 years

The Herman Miller Embody Office Chair is renowned for its innovative and ergonomic features, providing an exceptional sitting experience. Embody’s back is designed like a human’s, with a central spine and flexible ribs. The Backfit adjustment allows you to position the backrest in line with your spine’s natural curve, so you achieve a neutral, balanced posture.

With its dynamic design, the Embody chair adapts and conforms to the user’s body, offering continuous support and encouraging movement for an active sitting experience that engages core muscles and reduces stiffness. The Embody seat comprises four different support layers, each with its own material properties, and each created with a different manufacturing process, all working together, orienting themselves to your shape with a degree of fidelity so high they even accommodate pockets.


  • Provides exceptional support for reduced back strain during pregnancy
  • Breathable material with a mesh backrest promotes airflow
  • High-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance
  • Sleek and modern design enhances any workspace


  • Come with a higher price
  • Not suitable for very tall
  • Assembly can be time-consuming

Why should you buy it?

This item is a top-tier choice for pregnant women. These women always seek the highest level of ergonomic support, comfort, and versatility for optimized productivity and well-being.

Best For Adjustability: Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Author rating: 4.3/5

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair offers customizable outstanding comfort with adjustable features for height, armrests, headrests, and lumbar support.  The office chair includes adjustable lumbar support that goes in and out, up and down. A recline feature that allows you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight.

Key specifications

Alloy Steel, Mesh

26” x 23.6” x 42”

Color: Black

5 years

The Duramont Embody Office Chair has been identified as the best adjustable pregnant office chair. Its hallmark is its high level of adjustability, with customizable settings that cater to individual preferences. The product’s second adjustment lever option allows you to recline to any desired degree and take a break while working..

You can modify its height, armrests, headrests, and lumbar support. This helps alleviate back pain during pregnancy and encourages healthy sitting habits.  It has a weight capacity of 330 LBS and is made from the highest quality materials.


  • Customizable comfort with adjustable features for height, armrests, headrests, and lumbar support.
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Accommodates different body types and sizes, suitable for shared workspaces.
  • Fully adjustable back support


  • Limited padding
  • Slight wobbling in the armrests

Why should you buy it?

Its versatile design accommodates various body types and sizes (even pregnant moms), making it a practical choice for shared workspaces or home offices. This option provides an ideal combination of functionality, durability, and value, making it a wise investment in enhancing overall well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Author rating: 4/5

Hbada Ergonomic Work Desk Chair

This option gives affordable comfort with adjustable features and built-in lumbar support.  Combined with bionic and ergonomic design, the aesthetically pleasing butterfly wings of the backrest can provide precise support by adjusting the lumbar support up and down. It’s the most affordable choice on the list.

Key specifications

Materials: Alloy Steel, Polypropylene

23.62” x 23.62” x 38.18”

Color: Grey

Warranty: 3 years

The Hbada Ergonomic Work Desk Chair is the most affordable choice in this list. It is designed to provide users with a comfortable and supportive sitting experience while working at their desks. Its standout feature is its adjustability, offering height adjustment, 90°-120° tilt angle, and flip-up armrests. This also allows pregnant women to promote better posture and reduce the risk of discomfort.

The Hbada product offers a practical and cost-effective solution for individuals seeking an ergonomic and comfortable seating option to enhance productivity and overall well-being in the workplace. And users can personalize their sitting experience for improved posture and reduced strain.


  • Provides ergonomic features at a budget-friendly price.
  • Built-in lumbar support promotes better sitting posture and reduces back strain.
  • Comfortable seat cushion
  • Mesh backrest for improved comfort during extended use.


  • Not suitable for very tall or heavy individuals
  • Armrests lack cushioning
  • Not provide long-term durability

Why should you buy it?

This decision is wise for those seeking an affordable yet comfortable and supportive seating solution. With a budget-friendly price point and a focus on ergonomic design, the Hbada chair ensures a tailored fit for expecting moms.

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Best For Back Support: Lorell Ergomesh 86000 Chair

Author rating: 4.1/5

Lorell Ergomesh 86000 Chair

The Lorell Ergomesh 86000 Chair features innovative ErgoMesh technology with a breathable mesh backrest for improved airflow and optimal support, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience. Offers a nylon five-star base, pneumatic seat-height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, tilt, and asynchronous three-lever control.

Key specifications

Materials: Fabric, Nylon, Plastic

28.5” x 28.5” x 45”

Color: Black

Warranty: 5 years

Seat height:
17″ to 21″

The Lorell Ergomesh 86000 Chair boasts a range of features designed to provide users with an ergonomic experience. Its standout feature is the innovative ErgoMesh technology, which incorporates a breathable mesh backrest that enhances airflow and ventilation.

This ensures a cool and comfortable sitting experience, even during long hours of use. The mesh backrest provides optimal support for the back with 3 control levels, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of discomfort or strain during pregnancy.


  • ErgoMesh technology to provide optimal support.
  • Padded seats and ergonomic design
  • Offer height and tilt adjustments for improved posture.
  • Sturdy materials contribute to long-lasting performance.
  • Good price


  • Limited adjustability
  • Size constraints due to specific weight and height limits.
  • Time-consuming assembly

Why should you buy it?

Selecting the Lorell Ergomesh 86000 Chair, with its Ergomesh backrest and competitive price point, provides an excellent balance of affordability, comfort, and support, especially for the back.

Best For Seating Posture: Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Author rating: 4.1/5

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

This item has a unique and comprehensive lumbar system that allows users to tailor the lumbar support to their preferences and needs precisely. You can adjust back and lumbar support height,  headrest height, and angle, armrest height. Seat cushion height, tilting angle up to 140°and rocking resilience to your personal most comfortable position.

Key specifications

Materials: Polyurethane, Mesh, Metal, Polyamide Nylon

27.17″ x 11.81″ x 20.87″

Color: Dark

Warranty: 1 year

The Ticova ergonomic chair guarantees the best seating posture for pregnant women. Because of the extra weight in the body, the pregnant phase causes hip and ankle pain, reducing total body comfort. This chair’s waterfall-edge and W-shaped design seat provides a comfortable seating experience while reducing pressure on the hips.

The seat foam is also thicker (3 inches), and you can recline to 140 degrees at max. Our spring backrest can perfectly fit your spine, provide high elastic lumbar support, and significantly ease the fatigue and pain of your back. Thus, this item provides an ideal solution for pregnant ladies seeking a supportive and relaxing seating posture that enhances productivity and overall well-being in the workplace.


  • 3-inch foam seat to reduce hip pain
  • Heavy-duty leg frame
  • Friendly-floor casters
  •  Spring backrest


  • Not optimized armrest design

Why should you buy it?

The chair’s design allows pregnant women to customize the level of back support, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and reducing the pressure on the lower back. It can help women’s pregnancies minimize discomfort and back strain.

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Best For Comfort In Long Hours: Nouhaus Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

Author rating: 4.3/5

Nouhaus Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

The Nouhaus Ergonomic Leather Office Chair offers the best comfort with its premium leather upholstery and adjustable features, ensuring a luxurious and supportive seating experience for long sitting hours. With its Click5 Lumbar Support, FlipAdjust Armrests, PU-Leather Fabric, TiltRock, and Classic Colors, you all decide.

Key specifications

Materials: Faux Leather

27.55” x 26.77” x 43.3”

Color: Black

Warranty: 3 years

Seat height: 18.7″ – 22.4″

The Nouhaus chair stands out on the list because of the level of comfort it provides pregnant women. The PU faux leather upholstery allows you to sit pleasantly and gently without putting tension on your muscles. The chair’s premium leather upholstery also provides a soft, luxurious seating surface. With flip-adjust armrests, you can create a task chair with arms, no arms, or somewhere in between.

The 3D and 5 phases of lumbar support set it apart from other chairs on the market, preventing lower back pain and adequately supporting the back. The product also has sturdy nylon casters for convenient mobility and support of heavy bodies.  Besides, the gas lifting mechanism delivers smooth and hassle-free height adjustability, so expecting moms don’t have to bend too low to adjust it.


  • Lumbar support with 5 stages to release spine fatigue
  • Provide reclining mechanism (up to 135 degrees)
  • Compact size to save space
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Not suitable for small-height pregnant ladies

Why should you buy it?

The intelligent features, including cell foam cushion, foldable armrests, Click5 lumbar support, and smooth Gas Lift, allow pregnant women to customize their sitting position for maximum comfort and convenience, accommodating their changing needs as their pregnancy progresses.


Choosing the best office chair for pregnancy is a critical decision that can significantly impact the well-being and comfort of expectant mothers throughout their workday. Pregnancy brings unique challenges, and a chair that prioritizes ergonomic support and customizable features is essential for maintaining proper posture, reducing back strain, and promoting overall comfort.


  1. Can sitting in certain positions hurt your baby?

    Sitting in certain positions for extended periods can cause discomfort and may not be ideal for the baby's well-being. Some positions might pressure the abdomen or restrict blood flow, leading to pain or affecting circulation. Pregnant women must prioritize comfort and proper posture while sitting to minimize the risk of adverse effects.

  2. How long can I sit while pregnant?

    There is no strict time limit for sitting, but balancing sitting with regular breaks and movement is essential to maintain overall well-being. Prolonged sitting for extended periods can potentially lead to discomfort and may contribute to issues like back pain, swollen feet, and poor circulation.

  3. Can I have a chair at work while pregnant?

    Your employer probably must make reasonable accommodations during your pregnancy. Luckily, for many jobs, standing is optional. If you can do your job as well sitting as you can stand, asking for a chair is probably a request for reasonable accommodation.

  4. Which work should you avoid during pregnancy?

    Jobs that require heavy lifting must be avoided at all costs, as they can give rise to severe complications during pregnancy. When pregnant, you should also avoid work that regularly exposes you to radiation, harmful chemicals, lead, and X-rays.

  5. What is the best seating for pregnancy?

    Sitting straight or with a slightly arched back is a good posture. Your breasts should be pointing straight ahead or slightly upwards and not resting on your tummy. Your legs should be apart so that your bump has somewhere to go.

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