SpaceCo SpaceCo Optima Radius Keyboard Platform
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SpaceCo Optima Radius Keyboard Platform

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The SpaceCo Optima Radius keyboard platform provides unlimited user flexibility in virtually any work environment. Work more productively with a more efficient workstation. All platforms are interchangable with any SpaceCo mechanism.


  • Storage - Keyboard and mouse are properly stored and positioned.
  • Designed for users who type in a negative position & allows the mouse pad to independently adjust to positive or negative position
  • Mouse platform can be set up on left or right side
  • Ergonomic - Helps implement sound human factors practices and principles.
  • Space - Keeps keyboard and mouse off of usable work space.
  • Future Proof - Platforms are interchangeable using any mechanism.

SpaceCo Optima Radius Keyboard Platform Specifications

Keyboard Dimensions 21.75” wide x 10.5” deep
Mouse Platform Dimensions 9.75” wide mouse platform


SpaceCo Optima Radius Keyboard Platform Options

The SpaceCo Optima Radius Keyboard platform comes with a variety of options at no additional cost. Choose the configuration that works best for you. There are three wrist palm support options, two mouse platform options, as well as two mechanisms to choose from at no additional cost.

Wrist Palm Support Options

gel.jpg vinylsupport.jpg polly.jpg
Gel Support [G]
Vinyl Support [V]
 Polyurethane [P] - Included

Mouse Platform Options

lp.jpg gelm.jpg
Low Profile [L] Gel [G] - Included


Optima 30 [OP30] - Extended reach mechanism desired by most ergonomist

- 15 degree negative tilt
- adjusts 2.25”/57.15mm above work surface
- adjusts 6.13”/155.7mm below work surface
- knob adjustment with indicators for both height and tilt
- 21”/533.4mm track length and 12”/304.8mm of travel
- 360 degree swivel
- positive tilt lock out
- patented Lift-n-Lock adjustment
- exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards
- ideal for corner units



Optima 35 [OP35] - Conceals and organizes cables from desk to floor.

- 20 degree negative tilt
- adjusts 3”/76.2mm above work surface
- adjusts 5”/127mm below work surface
- dial adjustment for tilt
- 360 degree swivel
- 17.75”/450.85mm track length
- patented Lift-n-Lock adjustment
- exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards
- ideal for corner or short returns


SpaceCo Optima Radius Keyboard Platform is Environmentally Designed


  • Recycled content of steel - 25%
  • Recyclable aluminum after use - 100%
  • Recyclable-100%

Cardboard Packaging:

  • Recycled content - 75%
  • Recyclable after use - 100%

Plastic Packaging:

  • Low density polyethylene
  • Recycled content - 30%
  • Recyclable after use - 100%
  • Exceeds ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 Industry Standard