• Workrite STS - Dual Sit To Stand Monitor Arm Quick view


    STS - Dual Sit To Stand Monitor Arm

     When mounted on our 14” heavy-duty pole base, the Dual Conform Sit-to-Stand Articulation Arm can be adjusted to ergonomically support 100% of most men’s and women’s standing heights. The increased reach makes this monitor arm...

    $559.00 $749.00
  • 200 Sacro-ease Transportation Quick view

    200 Sacro-ease Transportation

     The Super Deluxe Model 2000 Transportation Back Support, one of the most deluxe auto seat models,12″ wide framed area,19″ at the wings. Comes with a plush rolled, pleated and heavily padded design for extra comfort. Having been in the...

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    Conset 501-37 Home Office Standing Desk Quick view


    501-37 "Home Office" Standing Desk

    The All New 501-37 Home Office Desk offers a modern open frame with 39 3/8" (W) x 23 5/8" (D) Table Top design with the capability to travel to an extraordinary low height of 22.5” and up to 48.5" which makes 501-37 Home...

    $488.00 $559.00
  • Ergoprise Active Anti-Fatigue Mat Quick view


    Active Anti-Fatigue Mat

      Introducing the Active Anti-Fatigue Mat. This is the ideal anti-fatigue mat for the person that stands throughout the day. The elevated surface will keep yoou busy streching and moving your legs while standing.  Elevated surface points...

    $129.00 $149.00
  • Ergoprise Active Swing Footrest Quick view


    Active Swing Footrest

     Keep your feet and legs moving throughout the day in both your seated and standing position with the Active Swing Footrest.  The Active Swing Footrest is designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups...

    $139.00 $179.00
  • Aero Lightest & Thinnest Attachable Laptop Stand Quick view


    Aero Attachable Laptop Stand

    A true innovation in office ergonomics: Imagine you can move freely and enjoy the comfort that comes with an ergonomic workstation, while the frustration of packing and unpacking your equipment over and over again just disappears. With aero you can do...

    $79.95 $99.95
  • Aidata CH012A Metal Arm Copy Holder Quick view


    Aidata Metal Arm Copy Holder

    Features & Benefits: The Aidata Metal Arm Copy Holder offers maximum flexibility to place your documents where they are most comfortably. The Aidata Metal Arm document holder frees up valuable desk space too.The Aidata Metal Arm copy holder...