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SomaHybrid™ Chair

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Chair Fit: Average Chair Fit: Tall Chair Fit: Short Max Weight: Up to 275 lbs
Width: 18.50 (in)
Height: 24.00 (in)
Depth: 20.50 (in)
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It's a chair, it's a stool, it's a chest rest.

You can sit, you can stand, you can move with the SomaHybrid™ chair and as a result have more energy at the end of your day!

For shorter term sitting and for sitting in small spaces try any one of our stools with or without backrests. With higher quality cushioning than others and comfort features hidden within they are a great value and give you better support.

SomaHybrid™ by SOMA Ergo is recommended for people who:

  • Ideal for people who multitask and are In/Out of their chair often.
  • Designed to keep the shoulder blades free to form a naturally supported open posture.
  • Supports the low back, lumbar region, and the spine.

More than a chair, it's a modular chair system:

  • Available in multiple seat sizes and styles to serve multiple task functions.
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI-HFS Ergonomic Standards!
  • RSI-preventive Thorsac™ backrests
  • Select from three multi-adjust mechanisms
  • Large 5-leg base for stability!
  • Recommended by top ergonomists, designers and clinicians
  • Easy-to-reach adjustments
  • Limited lifetime warranty. 

SomaHybrid™ Chair Features:

  • Backrests: Mid backrests are contoured with seams allowing the foam to keep subtle contours, a deeper lumbar curve & a more wrap-around shape so you feel held by the chair.
  • Backrest height adjustment: Hand-saving, Quick-Lock lever or ratchet adjust.
  • Base Sleek modern-style, scuff-resistant Nylon with flat top legs upon which you can place your feet.
  • Lifetime Warranty on frame, base, casters and cylinder, 7 years on 24/7 version, 5 years on mechanism, fabric, cushioning and armrests.  

SomaHybrid™ Chair Specifications: 

Overall Height

19.5" -33.5"

Dependant on Mech & Lift Choices

Back Height:

Back Width:

Depends on Backrest Choices
Seat Width

14" - 21"W

Dependant on Seat Size Choice

Seat height: Dependant on Mech & Lift Choices
Seat Depth:

14" - 20.5D

Dependant on Seat Size Choice
Weight limit:  275lbs
Weight:  68lbs





SomaHybrid™ Chair Fabrics

++ Other Fabric Choices are available. If you would like to select a fabric not listed, please contact us directly. Thank you

Grade 1 - Elements (Please click on Box Below to view all colors and specifications)












Grade 2 - Elements (Please click on Box Below to view all colors and specifications)








Grade 3 - Elements (Please click on Box Below to view all colors and specifications)





SomaHybrid™ Chair Options

++ More options are available on ALL Chair Options, please call for availability.

SomaHybrid™ - Mechanism

soma-spec-r.jpg somascsfspecpg-2012.jpg
 R Mechanism is an additional +$30.00   No Additional Charge

SomaHybrid™ - Seat Size Options

  • Round [R] - 14, 15, 16" Diameter
  • Hybrid [H] 18.5" D x 18" W
  • Bike Large [Bkl] 20.5" D x 21"W + $45.00

SomaHybrid™  - Backrest Options

++ More options are available on Backrest Options, please call for availability.

soma-mbn.bmp soma-x-backrest.bmp

SOMA [MBN] Low Backrest

20" H x 12" W

SOMA [X] Low Back Rest

13"H x 16"W

soma-mbw-backrest.bmp soma-h-backrest.bmp

SOMA [MBw] Midback Backrest

22" H x 15" W

SOMA [H] Midback Backrest

17" H x 18" W

SomaHybrid™ - Lumbar Depth Options

  • Standard [2]
  • Adjustable [A] + $40.00 (Not Available on MBn Backrest)

SomaHybrid™ - Backpost Options

The hybrid comes with a Ratchet Back which provides 4" Height Adjustment.

SomaHybrid™ - Lift Options

  • Short 3.8" (Seat Height Range: 15.9" -19.2") - No additional charge
  • Mid-Height [LM] - 8" Cyclinder (Seat Height Range: 19.5" - 27") + $12.00
  • Drafting Height [LD] - 10" Cyclinder (Seat Height Range: 25" - 33.5") + $15.00

SomaHybrid™ - Casters Options

  • Hard Wheel [CH] - 2.5" / 60mm - Good for use on carpet - Included
  • Soft Wheel [CS] - 2.5" / 60mm - Good for use on hard floor + $12.00
  • Soft Braking Wheel [CSB] - 2.5" / 55mm- Rolls when seated + $15.00 

SomaHybrid™ - Base Options

  • Nylon Base [N] - Nylon Black Base - 5 Leg 25" Diameter - Included
  • Black Nylon Heavy Duty [NH] + $20.00 

SomaHybrid™ - Additional Options

  • Seat Slider  + $35.00 (This option raises seat 1.2")
  • Adjustable Footring Chrome + $35.00
  • Urethane Deluxe Armrest Pads - No additional Charge
  • Upholstered Armrest Pads + $30.00 (Available in Vinyl [V], Fabric [F], Leather [L])

SomaHybrid™  - Arms Options

++ More options are available on Arm Options, please call for availability.


Fixed [AF] + $45.00


"Adjustable Rotating"
Lockable rotation 360°
Adjustable height 4"
Adjustable width 3"

[AR] + $70.00



SomaChairs are built-to-last and designed to provide many years of service under normal use. We warrant
to the original purchaser that products manufactured by Soma Ergonomics will be free from defects in
materials and workmanship and carry the following Warranties when used within a 40 hour work week by
a person weighing 250 pounds or less for standard chairs sizes 1-4; 300 pounds or less for chair sizes 5-7; and
up to 500 pounds for Xtra Sturdy chairs. Warranties are calculated from the date of shipment:
Premium Chair line warranty
Limited lifetime warranty on SomaComfort/SomaForm & Rockit fabricated chair frames
against structural failure, and on bases, lifts, casters, and glides under normal use.
Standard and Budget Chair line warranty
Twelve (12) years on SomaBerkeley, Support, Contour, Venture, Infinity, Hybrid,
ErgoKinetic, Fit, PerfectFit, Mesh, More, Entré, ConChairto and all other SomaChairs not
listed above.
Bariatric/ Xtra Sturdy Chair line warranty
Four (4) year warranty on frame, base and casters for users up to 500#.
On all chair lines except those use in 24/7 environments.
Five (5) years on chair mechanisms, and adjustable arm supports under normal use.
Three (3) years on fabric, seams, cushioning and arm pads under normal use.
24/7Chairs When any SomaChair is used in an over 40 hour per week setting,
a simple two (2) year warranty on all parts will apply.
Replacement parts for parts needing replacement and that can be installed in the field will be shipped
to the customer at no charge. Defective part must be returned to Soma otherwise customer will be charged.
Installation of field replaceable parts (Backrests, casters, bases, lifts, arm supports and pads ) is the responsibility of the customer or the Soma certified dealer through which product was sold. For chairs that
need to be returned to the factory for repair the customer is responsible for any return packing and shipping costs.
No implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose
extend beyond the terms of these express warranties. These warranties do not apply to any products
which have been repaired or altered in any way so as to impair performance or reliability, nor to products
which have been misused, abused, neglected or accidentally damaged in transit. Soma Ergonomics, Inc.
liability for its products shall be limited to repairing or replacing parts determined by Soma Ergonomics, Inc.
to be defective or, at Soma Ergonomics’ option, to refunding the purchase price of such parts.
Soma Ergonomics, Inc. will not be liable, under any circumstance, for incidental or consequential damages
(including, without limitation, lost revenues) arising in connection with the sale, use, inability to use,
repair or replacement of Soma Ergonomics, Inc. products. The remedies of the purchaser set forth in this warranty are exclusive and the liability of Soma Ergonomics, Inc. arising from any cause whatsoever shall not
exceed the price paid for the products. Some states do not allow limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. Enjoy the world class real
ergonomic support your SomaChair give you and thanks for buying SomaChairs.