McCartys Sacroease McCartys SACRO-EASE Ergo Chair Makeover
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McCarty's SACRO-EASE Ergo Chair Makeover

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Ergo Chair Makeover
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Description & Features:


The New Visco-Elastic Foam back model combined with our newest Ergo Cushions to make the perfect chair makeover available. The unparalleled support technology with today's latest and greatest visco-elastic memory foam has made these models stand out as the best of the best. Having been in the making for over 60 years, the McCarty's Sacro-Ease has become a fixture in the world as one of the most effective back supports available today.

Botton Line:

With the introduction of the comfort memory foam, in addition to the traditional steel frame and rubber construction back support, this has risen to the top as one of the best models McCarty's offers, and quite possibly the best seat support made anywhere in the world.


  • Take your office chair with you!
  • Unique "S" Curve shape back giving complete support from shoulders to the hips.
  • Special contoured molded Visco Memory foam seat and memory foam back.
  • 24" high back is completely customizable to be bent in your lumbar and shoulder areas.
  • The makeover works in any folding chair, office chair, car seat, couch or recliner.
  • Limited 5 year warranty.
  • Proudly made in the USA.