Goldtouch Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports

Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports

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Features & Benefits:

Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports provide a safe respite for your hands when you are not typing.  Each gel filled pad helps minimize contact stress on your hands and arms when you are not typing.  Resting your palms on the Goldtouch palm rests will keep you comfortable and in alignment with your keyboard.  Stay healthy, comfortable, and productive throughout your work day with the Goldtouch GT7-0017 Gel Palm Supports.

*Do not use palm supports as wrist rests.  This will press undue pressure on the tendons and nerves of in the Carpal Tunnel Sheath, causing you pain and discomfort.

Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports Features:

  • Dual-textured stress-dispersing gel - reduces contact stress and allows you to rest your wrists comfortably when not typing
  • Lycra cover - comes in 2 color: black and blue
  • Ergonomic design - palm rests are designed to fit the curves and contours of your hands
  • Small and portable - light weight and can fit in the pocket of your laptop bag
  • 2 palm supports are included
  • Limited lifetime warranty Goldtouch Warranty Information

Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports Specifications:

Dimensions: 7" L x 3" W
Color: Black / Blue
Weight: 1 lb
Fabric: Lycra
Included: 2 Palm Rests

Why We Like It -

  • Provides an ergonomically correct way to rest our hands when we are not typing

This is Good For -

  • Anyone who wants to reduce the risk of injury from contact stress on their hands and arms