Ergoprise Ergonomic Mouse Arm
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Ergonomic Mouse Arm

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Ergonomic Mouse Arm:

This innovative Ergonomic Mouse Arm is a patented operation aid to provide full forearm support and comfort for mouse use, especially prolonged mouse use. This product will significantly reduce the muscle strain and tension from shoulder area while providing comfortable support for forearms, elbows and wrists. The arm support can be rotated to any desired direction for supporting arms comfortably.


  • Made of high quality soft leather, ABS and steel
  • Provides comfortable full support for forearm and shoulder, with less pressure points, muscle tension or restricted blood circulation
  • Adaptable for left-handed or right-handed use
  • Back and forth adjustment range of 3.8” (9.7cm)
  • Convenient 360-degree swivel rotation for comfortable arm support
  • Easy vertical height adjustment to fit most tables
  • Mouse arm moves anywhere easily
  • Attached with clamps; C-clamp table thickness: 0.4" - 5" (1 - 13cm)
  • Ergonomic design to reduce work fatigue and muscle stress
  • Rapid and easy to set up


  • Weight Capacity: 26.4 lb (12kgs)
  • Dimensions: 18.9” (48cm) (L); 7.2” – 8.35” (18.2 – 21.2cm) (W); 0.94” (2.4cm) - 1.1” (2.8cm) thickness
  • Product Color: multi: brown and black
  • Product Weight: 4.4 lb (2kgs)