Back Pain Support & Accessories

  • Keri Cush Memory Foam Back Cushion Quick view

    McCarty's Sacroease

    Keri Cush Memory Foam Back Cushion

    Keri Memory Foam Back Cushion is the ideal for back support in your office task chair or car seat. It's 1" thick memory foam/poly foam blend pad provides comfort and pressure relief when you are required to sit for long periods of time. This is...

  • SACRO-EASE Ergo Chair Makeover Quick view

    McCarty's Sacroease

    McCarty's SACRO-EASE Ergo Chair Makeover

    Description & Features:   The New Visco-Elastic Foam back model combined with our newest Ergo Cushions to make the perfect chair makeover available. The unparalleled support technology with today's latest and greatest visco-elastic...

    $290.00 $379.00
  • Sacro-Ease Sports Portable Stadium Seat Quick view

    McCarty's Sacroease

    Sacro-Ease Sports Portable Stadium Seat

     The McCarty's Sacro-Ease Sports Portable gives superior lower back support while still being portable. Complete with lumbar pad on the inside. Strapping is adjustable and allows it to be used on backless seats. Try it for for boating, meditation,...

    $215.00 $249.00
  • Sacro-Ease Yoga Meditation Seat Quick view

    McCarty's Sacroease

    Sacro-Ease Yoga Meditation Seat

    Introducing Sacro-Ease Portable Meditation Yoga Seat, which supports you in a relaxed, upright, alert posture to facilitate your full concentration. Luxurious memory foam eases pressure points so you can sit more comfortably for a longer meditation...

  • The Steno Back Support Cushion Quick view


    The Steno Back Support Cushion

    The Ultimate Portable Seating Support Designed to Fit your Body & your Budget The Steno by Ergoprise is designed exclusively for Stenographers, Court Reporters & Closed Capturing Providers Portable Steno Seating offers a lumbar pad on the...

    $300.00 $349.00
  • Backbone Cushion Can Be Used In A Car or Truck Quick view


    Backbone - Thoracic Support

    Features & Benefits: Is your back, neck or shoulder giving you problems at work?  This unique, mid-back support, with patented thoracic groove technology, measures 17”H x 8.5”W x 2.5″ thick with 2 diagonal straps that are...

  • Curve ErgoUP Quick view


    Curve ErgoUP

    ErgoUP Curve is the ideal leg rest for supporting a single leg while working at your desk. This ErgoUP Curve has been exclusively designed to provide a single leg comfortable support while seated in an office chair. this ideal design offers full support...

  • Ergo Comfort-Rider - Vehicle seating Quick view


    Ergo Comfort-Rider - Vehicle seating

    Ergo Comfort-Rider - Vehicle seating Unsurpassed soft luxurious comfort and support creates the optimal pressure-free seating surface in any vehicle. The ergo Comfort-Rider has a unique anatomically contoured top surface designed to distribute your...

  • Sacro-Ease Ergo Contour Cush Seat Cushion Quick view

    Macarty's Sacro-Ease

    Sacro-Ease Ergo Contour Cush Seat Cushion

    Sacro-Ease Ergo Contour Cush Seat Cushion Memory foam and fabric with a non-skid bottom make it the perfect portable comfort support! This completely versatile and portable seat cushion provides stress-free seating and back comfort on virtually any...

    $149.00 $159.00