Ergoprise Active Swing Footrest
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Active Swing Footrest

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 Keep your feet and legs moving throughout the day in both your seated and standing position with the Active Swing Footrest. 

  • The Active Swing Footrest is designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in many workplace settings
  • Active Swing Footrest allows students/workers to easily stay active by moving the footrest bar while standing at a height-adjustable or standing desk, or while seated
  • Footrest may take pressure off of foot bones, which can provide ankle support and help promote circulation in the lower body
  • May help support ergonomic comfort and cardiovascular health, while potentially reducing fidgeting and increasing calorie burn, productivity and focus
  • Footrest has a locking mechanism where the bar can swing upwards and lock into place in an upright position out of the way of the user, or for easy cleaning
  • Bar moves silently to avoid schoolroom/office distraction
  • Pairs well with either sitting or standing desks or tables
  • Made of steel with a Black powder coat finish for durability
  • Clean lines and minimal design to fit into most environments