Workrite Workrite Vertical CPU Holder
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Workrite Vertical CPU Holder

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900 CPU Holder
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Features & Benefits:

The Workrite Vertical CPU Holder securely attaches your valuable CPU to the underside of your desk, protecting it from potential hazards such as water damage. A 17" nylon glide track allows for easy access to the front or rear of your CPU and 360° of rotation means you'll never have to twist, pull, or lift your CPU again to get to the cables and ports on the back.

Workrite Vertical CPU Holder Features:

  • 360° rotation - provides unparalleled access and CPU can be stored in virtually any position
  • Locking lever device - stores CPU off of the floor safely and securely. Allows for CPU to be raised and lowered with height adjustable work stations
  • 17" nylon glide track - CPU slides out from under desk with ease
  • Easy installation and adjustments - adjusts without the assistance of tools
  • 5 year limited warranty.

Workrite Vertical CPU Holder Specifications:

Height: 15" - 24"
Width: 3" - 9"
Glide track: 17"
Rotation: 360° 
Weight: 13 lbs

Why We Like It -

  • Adjustments are very smooth
  • Fits a wide variety of CPU's 15" to
    24" high and 3" to 9" wide.

This is Good For -

  • Desktop users who need an easier way to access and store their CPU