Workrite Workrite Sierra HX Rectangular Concave Front Electric Desk
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Workrite Sierra HX Rectangular Concave Front Electric Desk

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Power Source:
2 Legs
Work Surface:



The Workrite Sierra HX Concave Front Electric Height Adjustable Desk marks a new entry in the height adjustable desk market with a number of refinements over past and competitive models.  The Sierra HX Electric Desks have eliminated the lower crossbar that can interfere with knee clearance and under the desk accessories such as mobile pedestals or CPU holders.  A wide selection of options mean you can create the ultimate sit stand desk to suit most any purpose or asthetic.

The Workrite Sierra HX Electric Sit Stand Desk Features:

  • Slim base without a crossbar - space underneath desk is open, making room for pedestals, and other accessories or it can be left clear for a cleaner look
  • Two different worksurface choices - Choose from the classic 1" thick desktop with a rubber edging or the new Silhouette top. (Please refer to the Silhouette Line)
  • Quiet motor - adjusts your desk stealthfully to lift up to 350 lbs at 2" per second
  • Electronic memory switch - store up to three positions for fast repositioning.  This is perfect for sit stand use or multiple users.
  • Many styling choices - base finishes, laminates, desk edging can all be varied to create a custom look.
  • Optional add-ons - expand the functionality of your desk with drawers, pedestals, modesty panels, casters , toolbars and much more.
  • Lifetime warranty. Workrite Warranty Information

Workrite Sierra HX Concave Front Electric Height Adjustable Desk Specifications:

Workrite Sierra Height Adjustabke Desk

- Workrite Sierra HX Electric Desk Brochure

- Contains at least 25% recycled content
- Greenguard certified
- LEED credit eligible


Dimensions: See options tab
Height range: 22" - 48" H
Weight capacity: 350 lbs
Speed: 2" per second
Standby power:  0.1W


Workrite Sierra HX Rectangular Concave Front Electric Desk Dimensions -


Design Your Workrite Sierra HX Desk

Base Finishes

Choose from Charcoal or Silver for your desk base.


Worksurface Laminates

There are two different types of tops you can order for your Workrite Sierra HX Desk. The standard desktop is 1" thick and has a laminate top with a rubber edge.

These laminates are available with the standard worksurface and ship in about two weeks.

1595-black.jpg 1595k-18-black.jpg 4810-titaniumev.jpg 4811-siliconev.jpg
 Black - 0159560  Black (Woodgrain) - 1595K78  Titanium EV - 0481060  Silicon EV - 0481160
4813-nickelev.jpg 4814-tungsten-ev.jpg 4842-canyonzephyr.jpg 4843-mistedzephyr.jpg
 Nickel EV - 0481360  Tungsten EV - 0481460  Canyon Zephyr - 0484260  Misted Zephyr - 0484360
4846-morrozephyr.jpg 4857-shadowzephyr.jpg 7039-windsormahogany.jpg 7054-wildcherry.jpg
 Morro Zephyr - 0484660  Shadow Zephyr - 0485760  Windsor Mahogany - 0703960  Wild Cherry - 0705460
7850-beigewood.jpg 7925-monticellomaple.jpg 7937-rivercherry.jpg 7964k-skyline-walnut-4c.jpg
 Beigewood - 0785060  Monticello Maple - 0792538  River Cherry - 0793738  Skyline Walnut - 7964K12
10776-kensingtonmaple.jpg d354-designerwhite.jpg d381-fashiongrey.jpg  
 Kensington Maple - 1077660  Designer White - 0D35460  Fashion Grey - 02  


Standard Worksurface Edge Options

Choose one of six colors and one of three shapes for your desk edge. Note Ripple and Wedge are only available in black.

black-300.jpeg anchor-gray-048.jpeg french-roast-023.jpeg graphite-008.jpeg
Black - 300 Anchor Gray - 048 French Roast - 023 Graphite - 008
kodiac-brown-089.jpeg brownstone-006.jpeg jute-395.jpeg pepperdust-007.jpeg
Kodiac Brown - 089 Brownstone - 006 Jute - 395 Pepperdust - 007
shaker-gray-026.jpeg folkstone-004.jpeg designer-white-348.jpeg beigewood-bgw-mock.jpeg
Shaker Gray - 026 Folkstone - 004 Designer White - 348 Beigewood - 250
sugar-maple-153-mock.jpeg candlelight-maple-206-mock.jpeg river-cherry-1563c-5891-mock.jpeg rainier-cherry-152-mock.jpeg
Sugar Maple - 153 Candlelight Maple - 206 River Cherry - 249 Rainier Cherry - 152
Windsor Mahogany - 151      


Optional Accessories for your Workrite Sierra HX - 

Power and Data Switch

Make it easy to connect your tools with a built in electrical and data recepticle. The Sierra Power/Data Supply is finished to match your desk base and opens or closes at the touch of a finger.  Voice/Data adapters included for the following lines:

Allen Tel Versa Tap Series, Hubbell Xcelerator Keystone Series, Krone 6000 Series, Leviton Quick Port Series, Uniprise, Microphone jack/ 3pin XLR, solder type only, Nordx Keystone Style, Ortronics TracJack Series, Panduit Mini-Com series, Seimon Keystone Style, Tyco SL and110 Connect Series Modular Jacks, Tyco SL Coupler Series, Video Monitor jack / DB-15 panel mount solder type.  Note data port installation is the responsibility of the end user.


Silhouette Drill Kit and Screw Packs

The Drill Kit  is a drill bit designed to prevent accidentally drilling through the desk top when mounting accessories to the destop.  Please order this separately.

The Silhouette Screw Pack is designed to prevent screwing through the top.  Includes 10 screws $10-32 x 3/8" Phillips pan head, self tapping.  Order one kit per accessory to be installed.  Please order these separately.