Workrite Angle Footrester - front
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Workrite Footrester Angle Footrest - 210

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Features & Benefits:

The Workrite Footrester Angle Adjustable Footrest features an extra wide platform offering plenty of leg room. Rock your feet back and forth to improve circulation in your legs for improved energy levels. Rest your feet at the angle most comfortable.

The Workrite Footrester Footrest Features:

  • Angle adjustable - platform can be rocked back and forth with feet to encourage blood flow or to find the most comfortable position
  • Durable phenolic platform - and steel frame for long life and easy cleaning
  • Charcoal finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty. Workrite Warranty Information

Workrite Footrester Footrest Specifications: 

Dimensions: 23" W x 11"D x 3" H to platform
Weight: 10