Weight and Balance Sensor Weight and Balance Sensor Forklift Scale System
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Weight & Balance Sensor Forklift Scale System

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Weight & Balance Sensor Forklift Scale System

WNB full-featured onboard forklift weight and balance scale is the ideal solution for hydraulic forklifts. our hydraulic scale is the ONLY one that allows you to lift the load and read the weight and balance of the load simultaneously. Its accuracy is +/- 99% or better.

The WNB Sensor system is a incredibly easy to install, just replace the current anchor bolts with the WNB Sensor anchor bolts and mount the monitor.


  • Load cell sensing method offers less that a 1% weight error within a 2lb range
  • Best forklift sensor safety system in the industry (display accuracy is 0.5lbs, 1.1lbs, 2.2lbs and 4.4lbs)


Warranty Information

1 year