OysterErgonomics UltraErgo Numeric Keypad - Wireless
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UltraErgo Numeric Keypad - Wireless

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The UltraErgo Wireless RF Numeric Keypad is the ideal solution for anyone who has true ergonomic keyboard. The advantage of this high-quality, compact, lightweight keypad is that it can be placed anywhere on the desk, so you can choose the most relaxed posture for your own shoulders.

The UltraErgo offers a low profile keypad offers full size keys with an amazing tactile touch. This numeric keypad is ideal for anyone including the quickest typists.


  • 10-key Footprint: 3” x 6” x 0.48”
  • Interface: Wireless RF
  • Complies With: CE & FCC
  • Compatibility PC & Mac
  • Warranty: extends 2 years from production date (first four numbers of the serial number represent Year & month), and does not cover rubbed-off key print, removed keys and dirt & grime inside the keyboard leading to certain key(s) not working. Keyboard is free from led (PB)