Bakker Elkhuizen UltraBoard 950

UltraBoard 950

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Introducing the All New UltraBoard 950. This is the latest compact keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen. The incredible light keystroke, dual USB ports and clear layout make this the ideal non-split low profile ergonomic keyboard for the mobile and office user. 

The biggest ergonomic difference to a standard keyboard is that it has no numerical keypad section, which makes the keyboard narrower, which allows you to keep your arms closer to your core which elevates potential additional stress caused by using a full size keyboard.  

Not only does this compact UltraBoard 950 keyboard reduce the distance to the mouse and reduces strain on your lower arms, this compact design is easier to transport in a laptop bag. 



  • Cable length: 47"
  • Rechargeable
  • Drivers: Plug & Play
  • Width: 11.22"
  • Height: 0.74"
  • Depth: 5.79"
  • Weight 1lb
  • Wired
  • USB Hubs: 2
  • Key stroke: Ultra Light Touch/Laptop keys

Warranty Information

2 year warranty