The Knee-T is available in Bamboo, Blue, or Terri Cloth
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The Knee-T Side Pillow

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The unique patented design of the KNEE-T™  helps reduce back pain by evenly supporting and holding the legs in a neutral position while on the left or right side lying positions. The KNEE-T™  is endorsed and prescribed by physicians.

Benefits Overview: 

The KNEE-T™ positioning prevents undo torsion of the femoral head in the acetabulum. The KNEE-T™ is the only product available that completely addresses such issues. 

  • Anatomically accurate for exceptional comfort
  • Reduces back pain for diagnoses such as arthritis, herniated disc, sciatica and more
  • A memory foam product for a perfect fit

Product Overview:

  • Hypo-allergic materials
  • One size fits all