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The Fehn Seat

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ntroducing the most feature rich standing, leaning, stretching and sitting seat in the market. Meet the Fehn Seat:

The Fehn’s seat positions your pelvis into the ideal position, allowing your spine to remain in the precise shape and relieving muscle stress by 40-90%. When sitting or standing in a single position for a long period of time, you tend to reduce the blood supply to your muscle tissue. Insufficient circulation causes fatigue and increases your risk of muscle injury, as well as having serious negative consequences on your metabolism and cardiovascular health.

It's terrific you have or are looking into a standing desk.  

Sitting or standing for too long in a static position can cause back pain and muscle stress. The Fehn is designed to compliment most all standing desks. The Fehn seat allows you to flow through multiple positions while you work. 

 What I like about the Fehn Seat:
It’s the only standing desk seat that allows you to sit comfortably, lean against while standing, and my favorite, the option to stretch throughout the day. 
Negatives: Price. I wish everyone could afford this seat because it is such a fantastic solution.
 Stephanie Gilbert, Ergonomic Seating Expert


The Fehn’s ergonomic seat pan tilts forward at an angle, thus allowing you to move your pelvis into amore neutral posture, thereby reducing additional strain on your spine.

Mounted on a pivot, the Fehn allows you to rock, move, and stretch while you sit— without thinking about it. These small movements increase blood flow, relieving muscle strain and fatigue which makes for a more healthy and productive work environment.



With multiple foot rest locations the Fehn allows you to naturally shift through a wide range of postures, whether you’re sitting, standing or leaning on the Fehn. You’re free to move, without sacrificing comfort or support. The seat pan rotates for an easy transition from your seated position to leaning position. 

The upper foot rest doubles as a sit up and stretch bar, so you can sneak in some exercise or fully stretch your back while you work.    



If you decide to just stand for a bit, the Fehn’s seat quickly and easily flips under your desk and out of your way: no adjusting your desk height or moving bulky furniture.

It can also be folded all the way down into a compact shape for easy storage and transportation.


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