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Swopper Air

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 300 lbs


The Swopper Air chair designed and produced by aeris GmbH is a unique offering in the office chair market.  The Swopper Stool adds fun to your workday, increases circulation to prevent the health hazzards of sitting long hours and builds core strength.  The Swopper AIR Uses A High Tech 3DEA Spacer Fabric! Three-Dimensional Textile That Consists Of Top And Bottom Layers Of Performance Fabric, Held At A Clearly Defined Distance By Pressure-Sensitive Threads.


When you sit on a Swopper chair you...

    strengthen your back
    train your muscles
    breathe deeper
    improve your concentration
    stimulate your circulation
    have fun sitting and working

Swopper Stool Features:

  • Tension adjustable spring  - builds core strength while improving posture and stabilizing your spine.
  • Exercise at work - sitting all day increases your odds of a heart attack by 54% even if you exercise regularly outside of the office!  Use of the Swopper helps strengthen and condition your back and abdomen. Yes, you'll burn a few more calories too!
  • Improves lympatic flow - helping your body cleanse itself naturally
  • Increase Circulation - helps straighten the upper part of your body, which frees the diaphragm, helping you breathe deeper and stimulate circulation.
  • Lightweight - the Swopper is easily moved from room to room so you can Swop anywhere
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


Swopper Specifications:


Height range: 22" - 27.5"
Seat diameter: 16""
Base width: 21.5"
Weight capacity: 290 lbs
Chair weight: 32 lbs

Add the Swopper Backrest

Swopper Classic Chair - Backrest

Sitting without back support for long hours is tiring. Add a backrest to your Swopper Chair and you can rest at will. The Swopper Backrest features a glass-reinforced polypropylene, mesh back and comes in Anthracite only. You can always add the Swopper back later, but why wait?

Seating Fabrics:

1-swus-air-gray.jpg ruby-red-swopper-air.jpg 1-swus-air-green.jpg 1-swus-air-black.jpg
 Silver  Ruby Red  Lime Green   Stone Grey