Swede-O Thermal Vent Wrist Forearm Splint

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Wrist Forearm Splint Size *

Thermal Vent Wrist Forearm Splint provides immobilization for repetitive stress injuries (RSI), soft tissue injuries, and Tendonitis. Brace extends further up the forearm for additional support.

Engineered with MVT²:
Micro Ventilated Thermal Technology™

Thermal Vent Supports have a soft thermal lining that captures and retains your natural body heat to help relieve pain. The microventilated, breathable membrane is comfortable against the skin and provides a free flow of air which allows the skin to breath. With unsurpassed quality, these supports provide gentle compression and warmth to help reduce swelling and associated pain as well as promote recovery.

• Anatomically shaped
• Removable 9″ aluminum stay
• 3 Strap adjustable closure for a comfortable and secure fit
• Soft and comfortable material against the skin
• Binding tape sewn around edges of material for durability and comfort
• Care Instructions: Remove stays prior to washing. Hand wash in warm water using a mild soap. Drip dry. Do not wring, twist, tumble dry, bleach or dry in direct sunlight.

To help PREVENT soft tissue injury wear

  • prior to activity
  • during activity
  • after activity

Thermal Vent Supports are a valuable aid to help rehabilitate injured tissue. Wearing this product provides warmth and heat therapy which make tendons and muscles more pliable and elastic and allows them to become fully extensible and more responsive to therapy and exercise.

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