SpaceCo SpaceCo Elevator CPU Holder
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SpaceCo Elevator CPU Holder

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SpaceCo CPU holders are size adjustable and mount under the work surface without taxing leg-space. All holders can rotate 360 degrees making the CPU accessible from the front and the back. SpaceCo offers two compact and flexible CPU holder. Available in a single or double extension track length providng a wide range of postioning options. The simplicity and flexibility of the breathable fabric mesh sleeve encapsulates valuable hardware with the Elevator CPU Holder.

360 degree rotation for easy access to cords, cables and maintenance. Supports up to 45lbs.

Adjustable mesh sling accommodates CPUs of varying sizes and laptops as well.


  • Supports up to 45lbs (20.4kg)
  • Non-locking
  • Adjustment key for tightening/loosening fabric mesh
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Grey fabric mesh 10” W (254mm)
  • Black track
  • Grey CPU holder

Extension Options

single-extns.jpg full-extns.jpg
Single Extension - Included Full Extension [03] + $20.00