SomaRockit™ - Task Chair
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SomaRockit™ - Task Chair

Custom made to order and ships within 4 weeks
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 275 lbs


Features & Benefits:

Soma Rockit™ is the perfect standard chair for a variety of technical and anatomical reasons, but you'll love it just for the supportive plush comfort and the smooth relaxing rocking-chair-like feel. And that's just the start. What makes it the perfect standard chair is the combination of the state-of-the-art mechanism and the open-system backrest invented by the designers at Soma. This great combination gives everyone, including the individual user, business owner or facilities manager, what they want. One chair designed so well it fits everyone and is the easiest to buy and manage. You can let it adjust itself or you can fine tune it with individual adjustments. With the Rockit™ you no longer have to choose between an easy to adjust chair that automatically rocks and one with the important adjustments you need to accomodate individual preferences for size and posture. Some people like to sit upright and some people like to recline and rock. The Soma Rockit™ does both. No other chair does. And no one gets left out because it's available in 3 stadnard sizes so everyone can get the size that really fits. You can buy it as is, in any of 4 standard sizes or "customize" it to fit most any special need whenever you need to.

Now let's get technical and anatomical. Like all SomaChairs™, the Rockit™ has an open-system backrest that puts your entire back in the most comfortable and healthful posture. Especially your upper back, neck and shoulders which helps reduce upper back muscle tension and RSI's better than any other chairs in the world. The SomaRockit™ promotes Stress-Relieving Dynamic Natural Posture, helping you to get more done and feel better doing it.

More than a chair, the SomaRockit™ is also part of Soma's modular chair system.

  • All versions come with independent seat and back lumbar height adjustment and you can also get independent seat and back angle adjustment.
  • Available in 3 perfect fitting sizes Petite, Standard, and Large.
  • Available in a tall back executive version.
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI-HFS Ergonomic Standards!
  • Includes Soma's industry leading RSI-preventive Thorsac™ backrests
  • Select from 6 types of armrests
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Large 5-leg base for stability!
  • Recommended by top ergonomists, designers and clinicians
  • Easy-to-reach adjustments
  • Limited lifetime warranty

SomaRockit™ - Task Chair Features:

  • Seat height adjustment: Pneumatic 2.5, 3, 4, 5 or 8” range.
  • Seat slider: spring loaded 2.5” depth adjustment.
  • Includes synchrotilt for easy automatic reclining. Locks in 5 different positions and is the only sychro-tilt mechanism that includes independent back angle adjustment.
  • Easy to use side tension adjustment.
  • Seat Cushioning: 3” high resilient multiple density foam, Memory and Air seat options available.
  • Backrest: Triple contoured with multiple densities of cushioning for optimal comfort and support.
  • Create the look and feel you want with a broad selection of fabrics, vinyl and leather.
  • Easy-to-reach adjustment.
  • Lifetime Warranty on frame, base, casters and cylinder, 7 years on 24/7 version, 5 years on mechanism, fabric, cushioning and armrests. Soma Warranty Information.

SomaRockit™ Chair Specifications:

Overall Height

sm. 37”-41”; med. 39.3”-43.3”; lrg. 42.3”-47.3”

Back Height:

Back Width:

sm. 20”; md. 22”; lrg. 24“ with 3” ht adj.

sm. 15”; md. 16”; lrg. 18.5“

Seat Width
sm. 18”; md. 19.5“; lrg. 22””
Seat height:  sm. 16.3”-19.6”; med. 16.5-19.7”; lrg. 17.3-22”
Seat Depth: sm. 17”; md. 19.5“; lrg. 20.5”; -1“+1.5”
 Weight limit:  275lbs
Weight:  68lbs

SomaForm -Chair Eco Impact

- PBDE free foam
- Buy back / take back program
- up to 95% recyclable
- Greenguard certified
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SomaRockit™ Chair Fabrics

Grade 1 - Elements (Please click on Box Below to view all colors and specifications)












Grade 2 - Elements (Please click on Box Below to view all colors and specifications)








 Grade 3 - Elements (Please click on Box Below to view all colors and specifications)






SomaRockit™ Chair Options

SomaRockit™ - Seat Size

  • Petite - 16" D x 18"W Seat - Best for people  5'ft 5" or less  with maximum weight of 115 Lbs
  • Standard - 18.5" D x 20"W Seat - Best for people that are 5'ft 11" or less and weight of up to 185 lbs
  • Large - 20"D x 22.5"W Seat - best for people who are 6 ft 3" or less and weight of up to 250 lbs + $40.00

SomaRockit™ - Casters

  • Hard Wheel [CH] - 2.5" / 60mm - Good for use on carpet - Included
  • Soft Wheel [CS] - 2.5" / 60mm - Good for use on hard floor + $12.00
  • Soft Braking Wheel [CSB] - 2.5" / 55mm- Rolls when seated + $17.00
  • Soft Reverse Braking Wheel [CSRB] - 2.5" / 50mm - Fixed when seated + $50.00
  • Hard Wheel [CH3] - 2.5" / 75mm - Easier to roll on carpet + $20.00
  • Hard Wheel [CH4] - 2.5" / 100mm - Easier to roll on carpet + $30.00

SomaRockit™ - Seat Cushioning

  • Memory Foam Seat [M] - $55.00
  • Air Seat [AR] - Best option for long term sitting - $90.00
  • Contoured Seat [CT] - Best option for larger users - $10.00

SomaRockit™ - Lumbar Support

  • Adjustable Lumbar [BrAL] - Best for multiple users - $45.00

SomaRockit™ - Base

  • 26” diameter fiberglass reinforced nylon - Included
  • Heavy Duty 28" Aluminum Base - $70.00

SomaRockit™ - Pads

  • Upholstered Soft Pads [AF] + $30.00
  • Width/Depth Adjustable Sliding Urethane Pads [US] + $20.00

SomaRockit™ - Arms Options


Fixed [AF] + $45.00


Adjustable height 4" [AH] + $50.00


Adjustable height 3"
Budget arm support.

[AA] + $65.00


"Adjustable Rotating"
Lockable rotation 360°
Adjustable height 4"
Adjustable width 3"

[AR] + $70.00


Swings all the way back behind the backrest

[AS] + $100.00



Adjustable height 4"
Adjustable width 3"

[AL] + $65.00