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Soma Ergonomics manufactures innovative ergonomic products based on serious, objective physiological research. They continue to gather information from a diverse group of experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, physiology, and related-products industries, as well as from you, the consumer, directly, their ultimate "expert". And in an elegant synthesis of comfort and beauty we keep advancing their designs to create affordable products for you.

The external environment has been the focus of the relatively young ergonomics industry. In a hurried frenzy to take advantage of the increasing interest in products, manufacturers keep creating ergonomically deficient products, grabbing at every new theory, be it variable lumbar support, continues movement, or gel supports everywhere, while lacking key components in their product offerings. Soma Ergonomics is different. We offer a more complete approach called Bionomics: The Science of Comfort (see "Resources", "Preventing Injury", "Bionomics").. This is reflected in their name: SOMA Ergonomics. "Soma" is a Greek word that defines the body and mind as one, where "somatics" means of or relating to the body. Somatics does not view the body and the mind nor the body and the environment as split entities but rather as a unified expression of all we think, feel, perceive, and express. Soma's products are more than ergonomic they're a new way of thinking.

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