Koncept Sobre Task Lighting, 3 ft - 4 ft
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Sobre Task Lighting, 3 ft - 4 ft

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The Sobre LED light bar rotates to shine light directly on your desk or work area, or rotates up for perfect, ambient light. Ideal for long tables or public areas, Sobre mounts directly to the table or desk to maximize the available workspace.




Clear the Clutter- Use every inch of your desk or table – Sobre needs no bulky lamp base

Mount it Your Way - Mounting options: fixed desk clamp, tiltable desk clamp, and through-table mount for permanent installation

No Buttons -  A touchstrip dimmer and occupancy sensor are veiled in the slim Sobre support stem

Let There Be Sobre - Choose a 3’ or 4’ light bar, or connect multiple bars for long, extended surfaces



Details Environmental considerations
42 / 56 LEDs
11 / 14 watts consumption
50,000 hours lifespan
3,500 K / 4,500 K light color
Multi-level touch dimming
Metallic Black / Silver / White
Fully recyclable aluminum
Water-based paint
FSC certified packaging
LEDs do not contain mercury
Low power consumption (<15 watts)
LEED credit eligibility