Sit Stand Monitor Arms

  • ErgoExtend Sit Stand Arm on Pole Quick view


    ErgoExtend Sit Stand Arm on Pole

     This ErgoExtend flat panel display mount with a single-screen, extended-length fixed arm and one height adjustable extension allows 26" of back and forth movement and 12.5" of usable height adjustment. The arms fold back to the pole for added desk...

    $159.00 $219.00
  • Dual Hub Large Monitor Mount Quick view


    Zuma Hub Dual Large Display Mount

    The Zuma Hub large dual-screen flat panel display features two double-extension arms, each with one height adjustable segment. The extension arms offers 20" of back and forth reach and 13 inches of usable height adjustment for up to two 39" wide...

    $329.00 $359.00
  • S2S Sit Stand Wall Mount Workstation Quick view


    S2S Sit Stand Wall Mount Workstation

    Introducing the All New S2S Sit Stand Wall Mount Workstation. The ideal wall mount sit stand workstation solution for Healthcare, Dental and collaborative office space. The ideal solution as bedside workstation, as well as for inpatient alcoves. The S2S...

    $589.99 $699.00
  • ErgoExtend Dual Independent Arm Quick view


    ErgoExtend Dual Independent Arm

     The ErgoExtend Independent Dual Monitor support adds even greater modularity and versatility. This dual monitor support provides the end-user with the ability to independently height adjust each screen with improved storage capabilities. Ideal for...

    $179.00 $219.00