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Sitting and standing throughout the work day will have tremendous health benefits for the office worker.  That being said, confusion always occurs when there are too many choices to choose amongst.

Our goal at is to assist you in finding the best justification for a Sit to stand workstation that meet your end-users particular needs.  This enclosed guide provides the most comprehensive and balanced overview.  It’s our sincerest intent to show an extensive summary of the product (including the ideal height range for each solution): In-depth Review of the Popular Sit Stand Workstations and in-depth side-by-side comparison spreadsheet:  Side-by-Side Spreadsheet Comparison

If you need assistance finding the perfect Ergonomic Solution to fit your needs give us a call or chat online. One of our Ergonomic Specialists can assist you in finding the perfect office solution that is uniquely you. +877-907-8688

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