Shoulder & Elbow

  • Elastic Elbow Sleeve Quick view

    Elastic Elbow Sleeve

    Elastic Elbow Sleeve An excellent support for mild compression of weak or injured elbows. Elastic fibers stretch and contract with the movement of the elbow. The Elastic Elbow Sleeve helps relieve the stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis,...

    $10.30 $12.54
  • Envelope Arm Sling Quick view

    Envelope Arm Sling

    Arm Sling Lightweight cotton/polyester fabric with deep pocket design makes this sling comfortable, durable and easy to wear. Adjustable strap with side release buckles for a custom fit. Bilateral design. Machine washable. Available in Adult or Youth...

    $12.94 $16.18
  • Shoulder Immobilizer Quick view

    Shoulder Immobilizer

    Shoulder Immobilizer For dislocation or postsurgical applications, our Shoulder Immobilizer gently secures humerus and forearm to torso for shoulder immobilization. Plush elastic with 6” (15cm) low-pile laminate body. Durable yet comfortable wrist...

  • Swede-O Elastic Elbow Quick view

    Swede-O Elastic Elbow

    Swede-O Elastic Elbow is anatomically designed with no seams and will comfortably contour to the natural shape of your elbow. This product provides even compression and support to weakened and injured elbows. Designed to reduce swelling and provide...

    $8.31 $9.23
  • Tennis / Golf Elbow Support Quick view

    Tennis / Golf Elbow Support

    Tennis Elbow Support This counterforce-style support helps relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow, supinator muscle strain and tendinitis. Adjustable, wraparound design features hook and loop closure and plush lining. Bilateral design. One size fits most...

  • Tennis / Golf Elbow Support Neoprene Quick view

    Tennis / Golf Elbow Support Neoprene

    Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support Contoured Neoprene Construction for Healing Warmth Our Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support helps alleviate pain due to lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), supinator muscle strain and tendinitis. It applies pressure below the...

    $13.94 $17.43
  • The Hug-T Shoulder & Arm Support Quick view


    The Hug-T Shoulder & Arm Support

    The Hug-T™ Pro is the answer for shoulder pain. Side sleeping positions cause pressure on the joint via your own weight or gravity. It's also uncomfortable and cumbersome to wear a joint or brace to bed. The Hug-T™ Pro functions as a prop or...