Secure Shopping

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Your private information is secure with us. We utilize 128 bit SSL encryption to encode your information before it is transmitted via the Web. In addition, our shopping cart is PCI Compliant. PCI Compliance is a standard set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) that requires companies to process, store and transmit all card information in a secured environment.

Credit Card Use on the Web is Safe

U.S. credit card companies offer excellent protection for customers. Federal law limits your liability to a maximum of $50. Many banks offer $0 liability. Most experts agree that use of a credit card online is no riskier than using your card on land.

Additional Security Measures

Other options exist if you wish added protection for your credit card information.  Services such as Paypal conceal your credit card information from merchants. Some banks now offer "virtual" credit cards that provide for one time use. This useful article offers information on Virtual Credit Cards.