McCartys Sacroease Sacro-Ease Yoga Meditation Seat
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Sacro-Ease Yoga Meditation Seat



Introducing Sacro-Ease Portable Meditation Yoga Seat, which supports you in a relaxed, upright, alert posture to facilitate your full concentration. Luxurious memory foam eases pressure points so you can sit more comfortably for a longer meditation experience. A gentle forward seat slope helps keep your back straight and your head in balance.

Durable waterproof proof fabric and non-skid bottom for indoor and outdoor use. Try it for for meditation, yoga, seminars, and stadium seating. Also fits in many office chairs and dining chairs.


  • Resilient latex rubber straps on a 1/8" carbon steel frame form a sturdy support for back and buttocks.
  • 1" visco-elastic memory foam eases pressures in seat and back.
  • Seat bottom flares in the front for comfortable support in cross-legged sitting.
  • Upholstered in water-resistant/tear-proof fabric that sponges clean with soap and water.
  • Heavy-duty side straps adjust the seat-to-back angle for custom comfort. If unbuckled it can lay flat.
  • Bottom is skid and wear-resistant.
  • Durable impact-resistant metal hinges.
  • Folds up like a briefcase for carrying with easy carry handle.
  • Dimensions: 20" L x 19" W x 20" H with a 2" to 1" seat wedge taper.
  • 9.4 pounds.
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Red, Royal Blue