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Rhino Mats Marbleized Tile Top Anti-Fatigue Mat 24" X 36"

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Features & Benefits:

The Rhino Mats Marbleized Tile Top Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats looks like just another marble top floor mat but the Rhino Marbleized offers the advantages of a durable vinyl top bonded to soft, resilient foam that is completely sealed, even underneath so moisture cannot harm this mat. Thus,the Rhino Marble Anti-Fatigue mat should deliver longer life.

Rhino Mats Marbleized Tile Top Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Features:

  • Marbled tops rich colors that simulate marble for an elegant appearance
  • Durable vinyl top withstands years of use and has a smooth finish for easy cleaning
  • Foam core is bonded securely to vinyl top and sealed so moisture will not reduce anti-fatigue properties
  • Two thicknesses if mats will be stood on for longer hours, choose thicker, double sponge mats
  • Custom sizes are available in 2' - 8' widths up to 60' long. Call to order. Quantity pricing is also available. Custom shapes available as well.
  • Available in seven colors - black, black/white, brown, blue, tan, sandalwood, charcoal, and brown
  • 5-year warranty.

Rhino Mats Marbleized Tile Top Anti-Fatigue Mats Specifications:

Thickness: 1/2" or 7/8"
Weight 1/2": 1.2 lbs per square foot
Weight 7/8": 1.4 lbs per square foot

Why We Like It -

  • Classic marble mat
  • Sealed top to bottom for easy cleaning
  • Won't be ruined if it gets wet like other mats

This is Good For -

  • Mailrooms, assembly lines, counters where workers stand, kitchens, retail locations


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