RFM Stool Series Round Foot Stool [5931]

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Chair Fit: Average Chair Fit: Tall Chair Fit: Short Max Weight: Up to 300 lbs
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Full Description

RFM features a selection of ergonomic stools for people who need or want an extended seat height. These stools employ ergonomic design and are engineered to evenly distribute weight and minimize pressure points. You are able to choose from three cylinder heights and most provide a height adjustable footring. RFM stools adjust to work in any setting and are equal to the task.

*other cylinder sizes & casters available. Cyclinders increase height range of chair. Example: 200mm cyclinder increases range to 20 1/2” to 28” vs. standard 17 1/2” to 22” please call if you want options not included in standard features.

Features & Benefits:

  • 140 mm cylinder.
  • 250 lb. weight limit.
  • Standard seat height approx. range: 17 1/2” to 22”
  • Grade B Fabric included in price. Additional fabric options are available, please call for availability.

RFM Stool Series Round Foot Stool 5931 DIMENSIONS

Diameter: 16"

Fabric Options:

Click on the image below to see the entire selection offered by Fabric Name.

** All GRADE B Fabrics are included in the price and can be purchased online. Fabric Grade options other then Grade B are subject to additional fees and possible availability. Please call if you want to order a fabric not listed in Grade B * *




Dillion Fabric - Grade B Phoenix Fabric - Grade E Essence of Green Fabric - Grade D
Please note: Tiny Check Fabric has been discontinued




Outback Fabric - Grade D Impressions Fabric - Grade C - G Caprone Fabric - Grade L


Teknit Fabric - Grade F  RFM Fabric - Grade B  

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