Recommended Mice

  • Mousetrapper Mousetrapper Alpha Quick view


    Mousetrapper Alpha

    The Mousetrapper Alpha is the world's first all-in-one full-sized keyboard and centered pointing device. This all-in-one offers a total of 19 programmable keys, making it the most dynamic designed one to date. Benefits:  The comprehensive...

  • Mousetrapper Mousetrapper Flexible - Wireless Quick view


    Mousetrapper Flexible - Wireless

     Mousetrapper Flexible Desk & Travel Mouse The Mousetrapper flexible is the ideal alternative mouse for todays mobile worker. It's small, light and wireless, and is also the most compact product in the Mousetrapper portfolio. The Mousetrapper...

    $269.00 $299.00
  • Mousetrapper Mousetrapper Prime Quick view


    Mousetrapper Prime

    Introducing the All New Wireless (RF) Mousetrapper prime Alternative Mouse. Enjoy the use of all eight programmable buttons, which offers you more options for setting up Mousetrapper to work exactly the way you want. The Mousetrapper prime also lets you...

    $265.00 $285.00
  • Mousetrapper Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 Quick view


    Mousetrapper Advance 2.0

     advance 2.0 is back due to popular demand! Welcome to wellness 2.0. The Mousetrapper advance 2.0 is the best selling Mousetrapper model. The Advance 2.0 relieves and prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use...

    $239.00 $249.00