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  • Aero Attachable Laptop Stand Quick view


    Aero Attachable Laptop Stand

    A true innovation in office ergonomics: Imagine you can move freely and enjoy the comfort that comes with an ergonomic workstation, while the frustration of packing and unpacking your equipment over and over again just disappears. With aero you can do...

    $79.95 $99.95
  • Aidata Metal Arm Copy Holder Quick view


    Aidata Metal Arm Copy Holder

    Features & Benefits: The Aidata Metal Arm Copy Holder offers maximum flexibility to place your documents where they are most comfortably. The Aidata Metal Arm document holder frees up valuable desk space too.The Aidata Metal Arm copy holder...

  • Ergonomic Mouse Arm Quick view


    Ergonomic Mouse Arm

    Ergonomic Mouse Arm: This innovative Ergonomic Mouse Arm is a patented operation aid to provide full forearm support and comfort for mouse use, especially prolonged mouse use. This product will significantly reduce the muscle strain and tension from...

    $119.95 $129.95
  • Height Adjustable Foot Rest Quick view


    Height Adjustable Foot Rest

    Hight Adjustable Foot Rest For a soothing element within the workplace add the relaxing foot rest. This foot stool helps reduce pressure to alleviate stress while sitting for long periods at your desk. The relaxing foot rest offers massage bumps...

  • Humanscale FM300B Footmachine Foot Rest Quick view


    Humanscale FM300B Footmachine Foot Rest

    The Humanscale FM300B Footmachine Height Adjustable Foot Rest positions your feet for increased comfort while sitting, and reduces stress on the lower back. Massage balls provide a comfort break for your feet while improving circulation. A beautiful wood...

    $129.00 $180.00
  • Lockable CPU Holder - 17" Track Quick view


    Lockable CPU Holder - 17" Track

    Ergoprise Secure "Lockable" CPU Holder with 17" Track Introducing the Eroprise Secure Locking CPU holder with increased stability and clamping force. Offered with the 17" glide track for easy storage. Features: Plastic side clamp with bumpers ...

    $149.00 $169.00
  • Oryx evo-D ultra slim laptop stand Quick view


    Oryx evo-D ultra slim laptop stand

    Ultra slim, ultra mobile laptop stand. Oryx evo D is the thinnest and lightest portable laptop and notebook stand currently available. Turning your laptop into a truly portable PC The Oryx evo-D laptop support redefines the concept of a portable PC...

    $99.00 $109.00
  • Trapezium Ergo Wrist Rest Compact 13" Quick view

    Bakker Elkhuizen

    Trapezium Ergo Wrist Rest Compact 13"

    A too soft wrist rest can result in fixation of the wrist, which in turn results in even greater muscle strain.Holding one's wrist at the right height is important, it must be kept as level as possible with the keyboard. This keeps the wrist posture most...

  • WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit Quick view


    WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit

    Hollywog® WiTouch is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device utilizing TENS technology to specifically treat back pain. FDA Cleared for over-the-counter sales. If you have back pain and are looking for a drug free alternative to...