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Office Master Affirm Simple Midback Stool w/ Adjustable Foot Ring

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Chair Fit: Average Chair Fit: Tall Max Weight: Up to 250 lbs
Width: 27.00 (in)
Height: 46.00 (in)
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The Office Master Affirm Simple Midback Stool features the same modern, sleek, frameless mesh design common to the Affirm chair family. This stool will look great in nearly any workspace – whether a tech start-up, a healthcare environment, an educational facility, an architectural firm or a more traditional office place it’s the perfect combination of class and comfort. A wide variety of options allows you to fit your style and purpose. Configure this chair to make it uniquely yours.

The OM Affirm Midback Stool Features:

  • Design - Contemporary frameless rectilinear design
  • Seat Design - Designed with extra waterfall curve for added comfort
  • Height Adjustable Back - EZ back height adjustment
  • Stool Height Adjustable - Seated height from 25.5" to 35.5"
  • Seat Depth Adjustable - Available with seat depth adjustments for better comfort
  • Synchro Tilt - Available with synchronous seat and back tilt to adjust to your fit
  • Infinitely Locking Back Tilt - Affirm Simple Midback Stool comes with a locking back tilt
  • Pneumatic Lift - Comes with a pnematic lift to adjust
  • Adjustable Foot Ring - Available with a adjustability foot ring added adjustability
  • Fabric Options - Available is various color fabric options and textile grades

Chair back standard mesh colors:

Choose from Nightfall Black or Starlight Silver.

Standard mesh back colors for Office Master Affirm Series Chairs

Arm Options:

Choose from no arms or one of a wide variety of arm options to suit your needs. Please note, additional charges apply.

  • Ar-11:   Fixed height arm
  • KR-21:  Contoured height adjustable T arms. Adjustable height range = 2.25"
  • KR-25:   Contoured height adjustable T arms featuring natural grip control. Height adjustment range = 2.75"
  • KR-445: Width adjustable T arms with smooth fore-aft, side-side, and pivoting motion arm caps. Adjustable height range of 2.75". Adjustable width range of approximately 1" per side.
  • JR-49:    Forward-slanting T-arms with smooth fore-aft, side-side, and pivoting motion arm caps. Adjustable height range of 4.25''. Adjustable width range of 1.75'' each side.

Office Master arm options

Caster Upgrade Options



Multi-Surface Soft Caster
Dual-colored; designed for wood, tile and
smooth or harder surfaces. For most stools.
(5 per set)

Add an upholstered jacket to your Affirm Stool back:

Upgrade to add one of these pretty mesh backs. Each zip on and off your standard chair back for a style change in seconds!

Choose your color for your OM Affirm chair back jacket

OfficeMaster Seat Fabric Options:

Officemaster has a huge selection of fabrics to choose from to make your ergonomic chair uniquely yours. Choose from a variety of fabric types and grade options. These fabric choices are endless! There are more options then what is listed. Please contact Ergoprise if you would like to order a fabric not listed. Bring your own fabric is also available adding to the flexibility of design of your OfficeMaster chair.

Grade 1 Fabric Options:

Grade 1 - Basic 1001-1020

Content:100% Marquesa Lana Backing: Acrylic Width: 54" Finish: Teflon Abrasion:250,000 Double Rubs

Lightfastness:40 Hrs. - Class 4 Flammability: Passes California 117-E; CS-191-53

Office Master Grade 1 Basic colors

Grade 1 - Spice 1161-1168

Content: 100% Polyester Backing: Acrylic w/ Teflon Abrasion: 400,000 Double Rubs
Lightfastness: 60 Hrs. - Class 5 Flammability: Passes California 117-E; CS-191-53; BIFMA X5.7-1991; NFPA 260, CLASS 1; UFAC, CLASS 1

OM Grade 1 Spice fabric choices

Grade 2 Fabric Options:

Grade 2- Chess 2291 - 2299

Content: 80% Recycled Polyester, 20% Olefin Backing: Acrylic Finish: Teflon Abrasion:114,000 Double Rubs
Rating: Heavy Duty Lightfastness: 40 Hrs., Class 5 Flammability: Passes: California 117-E; UFAC Class 1

Officemaster grade 2 fabric Chess colors 

Grade 2- Knack 2542 - 2548

Content:100% Polyester Backing:Acrylic Finish: Soil and Stain Resistant
Abrasion:100,000 Double Rubs Rating: Heavy Duty Lightfastness: 40 Hrs., Class 5
Flammability:Passes California 117-E; UFAC Class 1; NFPA 260 Class 1


Grade 2- Softsit Fabric 2570 - 2577

Content:100% Polyester Backing:None;Abrasion;100,000 Double Rubs (Cotton Duck)
Lightfastness: Grade 4 min. at 20 Hours Flammability: Passes CA Technical Bulletin 117-E

OM fabric choices grade 2 Softsit 

Grade 3 Fabric Options:

Grade 3- Symphony 3V20 - 3V28

Content:100% Vinyl Backing:100% Brushed Polyester Knit Abrasion:100,000+ Double Rubs
Lightfastness:UV-Resistance 1000 Hours
Flammability:Passes California 117-E; BIFMA; UFAC, CLASS 1; MVSS 302; NFPA 260; IMO A.652 (16) 8.2 & 8.3; May Comply with California 133 when tested with suitable components; Can be treated to pass FAA 25.853

Officemaster fabric grade 3 Symphony 

Grade 3- Stage 3V50 - 3V59

Suitable for Healthcare use

Content:100% Vinyl/Urethane Topcoat Backing:100% Polyester Hi-Loft (TM)Finish:SILVERGUARD (R) & PERMABLOK3 (R)Abrasion:930,000 Double Rubs
Lightfastness: Passes 1000 Hours
Flammability:Passes California 117-E (Equivalent to BIFMA); NFPA 260 (Equivalent to UFAC) Class1; Boston Fire Dept. Code (BFD 1X-1); FAA/FAR 25.853 (a); Fed. Stnd. 191A Test Method 5903.1 - Vertical Flammability Test; FMVSS 302; IMO A. 652(16) 8.2 & 8.3; NFPA 701 (sma