Office master Office Master WS22 Work Stool

Office Master WS22 Work Stool

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 250 lbs
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Features & Benefits:

Office Master's affordable low-maintenance, easy-to-clean and affordable WS22 ergonomic work stool is the perfect solution for any industrial workplace or specialty application. And, with a molded polyurethane backrest, it's even easier to see why the WS22 might be the right chair for you! Pneumatic lift, pivot backrest, and back adjustments articulate stress-free movement. Ribbed seats contour for comfort and prevent slippage. Office Master ergonomic works tools are made from puncture resistant black polyurethane and come with seven-year limited warranties and your choice of BC arms, 5 types of casters, and a tool tray option.

Standard Features:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a Pneumatic lift.
  • Comes with a Pivot backrest which is back height adjustable.
  • Perfect for Industrial or Specialty enviornments.
  • Caster options to suit your enviornment.
  • Choose between 2 arm options.
  • Option to add a tool tray upgrade.


Technical Specifications:

Overall dimensions:


Overall Height:


Back: 15.5"w x 12.5"h

17"w x 16"d

Seat Height: 16-21"
Carton Weight: 34 pounds
UPS Weight: 34 pounds
Arms:  Group BC
Warranty: 7 year limited










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Officemaster WS22 Work Stool Options:

Choose from a variety of caster options to properly fit your working enviornment. Choose between standard caster, Safety soft casters, Multi-surface casters, Rubber casters, and glide casters. Additional cost may apply.

Arm Options:

The WS22 Work Stool comes with 2 arm options to choose from. Additional costs apply.


Width adjustable loop arms
Adjustable width range of 2.5"
7 year limited warranty*

+ $30.00



Height and width adjustable T arms
Adjustable height range of 2.5"
Adjustable width range of 2.5"
7 year limited warranty*

+ $35.75



Caster Options:

Choose between 5 different caster options to accomodate the demands of your working enviornment.

Standard Casters: [CAS-REG] - Designed for use on carpet. *Standard on most chairs.

Caster size may vary per chair model*


Multi-surface Soft casters [CAS0065 - S] - are ideal for wood, tile and smooth or harder surfaces.

For most stools, Office Master recommends consideration of Safety or Reverse-braking casters or Glides for additional stability.

(5 per set)


Safety Soft Casters [CAS0050-SS] - "Safety soft casters" minimizes chair movement when the chair is NOT in use.

(5 per set)


Reverse Braking Casters [CAS0050-RB] - lock in place when the chair IS in use.

(5 per set).


Glides [GLD-R] - keeps the chair stationary at all times.

(5 per set)


Rubber Casters [CAS-RUB] - are designed for concrete and other hard surfaces.

(5 per set)