Office master Office Master Discovery Back DB78 Chair Recommended Configuration
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Office Master Discovery Back DB78 Chair Recommended Configuration

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 250 lbs


Features & Benefits:

The Officemaster DB78 Discovery Back Chair Recommended Configuration includes the most commonly desired features, including only those features our expertise deems offer the best comfort and value for the user. The Officemaster DB78 Chair is cut more generously and the combination of a larger seat and open scapula area is great for broader bodies and athletes.  We are an authorized dealer for Officemaster. If you would like your chair configured differently, just give us a call and we can build it any way you want it.

Officemaster Discovery Back DB78 Chair Features:

  • Pear-shaped back prevents scapular impedence this means that the chair back does not get in the way of your shouldes when leaning back and can help prevent hunching.  Leaning back in this chair can help reduce upper back tension.  Click here for more information on Scapular Impedence.
  • Full multi-tilt mechanism which includes seat tilt, seat height, back angle and height, seat depth adjustment, tilt and tilt tension controls. Includes front tilt lockout.
  • Patented double comfort seating technology on contoured seat lowers seated pressure and offers the perfect combination of support and softness combining a layer of soft memory foam over more supportive molded foam
  • Grade 5 knit fabric is is durable, but more importantly it stretches with the seat cushion to provide a much more comfortable chair, especially if you sit all day, and it breathes so you won't get hot
  • 4-way adjustable T arms offer 1.5" width, 3" height, swivel, and extension with soft arm pads and natural grip control.
  • Schukra lumbar support provides for highly personalizable lumbar support
  • 12-year warranty. Office Master Warranty Information

Officemaster Discovery Back DB78 Chair Specifications:

Overall dimensions: 26"W x 26"D x 43" - 52"H
Chair back: 11" - 22""W x 25"H
Seat: 22"W x 18 - 20.5"D
Seat height: 18-23" H
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Chair weight: 64 lbs
UPS weight: 101 lbs

Why We Like It -

  • Pear shaped back leaves plenty of shoulder room to reduce hunching
  • Generousl size is great for taller & larger (under 300lb) people

This is Good For -

  • Anyone 5'5" - 6'4"
  • Not a great choice for thinner people
  • Under 300 lbs
  • Users with broad shoulders or who have a tendency to hunch
  • All day use

Officemaster Discovery Back Eco Impact

- CFC foam
- Most parts can be recycled
- Greenguard certified
Dowload the Officemaster Discovery Back Chair Brochure Officemaster Discovery Back Chair Brochure


Officemaster DB78 Discovery Back Chair Options


Choose from the standard hard casters that work great on carpet or plastic carpet protectors or the soft casters that move quietly and more slowly on hard floor surfaces.




Officemaster Recommended Fabrics

We highly recommend a knit fabric for your Officemaster chair as only a knit will maximize the softness of your cushions and provide for a noticeably softer seated feel.  In addition, knits offer airflow which can keep your seat cooler over the course of the day.