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Office FootFidget

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Boy the times have changed. We used to get the ruler (ouch) back in the day for fidgeting too much. Now its the coolest thing to Fidget!

The Office FootFidget is the newest in continuous movement to promote blood flow and calorie burn.  The FootFidget keeps you moving when seated or standing. A Mayo Clinic study revealed that office workers who used the Office FootFidget® while sitting at their desks burned an average of 29% more calories.

By fidgeting or pressing against the flexible resistance bands of the FootFidget® with their feet, the user realizes energy releasing, focus attaining results.  Two sets of resistance bands are included with the black bands being utilized when sitting and the yellow bands while standing.o

The Office FootFidget® will help you realize the benefits of increased focus, productivity, comfort, and calorie burn while sitting or standing at work.

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