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Image of several models of the Nightingale CXO Chaiar

Buy Smart

The perfect chair is one that fits your body and style of working. Here's some advice:

Are you looking for an impressive and stylish chair that is also heavenly comfortable?  Look no more because you have found it. The Nightingale CXO Chair is an award winning design that incorporates a number of features that combine to offer extreme comfort.  The heart of this chair is the flexible ABLEX mesh back and the energy absorbing dual density EENERSORB seat.  Both of which are designed to conform to the actual contours of your body while providing excellent support.  The ENERSORB foam seat actually improves the circulation to your hips and legs while relieving pressure points.    Additional strengths include an adjustable gel lumbar support and soft, highly adjustable arms as well as a construction quality that should last a lifetime.  Other chairs may look like it, but none feel like a CXO chair.
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