Neutral Posture Neutral Posture U4ia - Midback Mesh Back Chair
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Neutral Posture U4ia™ - Midback Mesh Back Chair

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 275 lbs


The Neutral Posture U4ia™ is a customizable contemporary task chair waiting for your creative twist! The U4ia® features six active adjustments and is fully functional with your choice of two contoured seat designs, two backs, and two mechanisms all with a seat slider option. The chair is designed to be able to mix/match any seat, back, mechanism, or arm.   This remarkable task chair offers the flexibility and adjustability of high performance chair at a budget friendly price too!

Neutral Posture U4ia™ -Contemporary Task Chair Features:

  •  Included in Price - Carpet Casters, 26" Black Base, 3" Cylinder, and Black Mesh Back with no arms.
  • Seat Options - Choice of 2 seat options to choose from.
  • Arm Option - Over 8 options to choose from.
  • Mesh Color Options - 6 Mesh color options available.
  • Contemporary Ergonomic Design - Passive weight dispersion design.
  • Mechanism  - Available in the Knee Tilt (0) or Forward Pivot Synchro (2).
  • Optional Add-ons -  ThermaGel Memory Foam, N-dulgent Memory Foam, and Seat Slider are available as optional add-ons.

Neutral Posture U4ia™ -Contemporary Task Chair Specifications:

Overall dimensions:

Midback: 25" H x 19" W

Back Height:

Back Width:

Back height on midback mesh is 25" H

Back width on midback mesh is 19"

Seat Width
Depth depends on model and varies from 19.5" - 22"
Seat height:

Medium Seat: 17.5" - 20.25"

Large Seat: 18" - 20.75"

Weight limit: 300 lbs
Box dimensions: 36 x 26" x 19"
Weight: 34 -  36




Neutral Posture U4ia™ Midback Mesh Series Mesh Back Colors


Neutral Posture U4ia™ Midback Mesh Series Chair Fabrics

All fabrics listed are available in Quick Ship with lead times of 5 day production time and can be purchased online. Other fabrics are available, please call for availability.

** GRADE 1 is ncluded in the price **


Grade 1

ace-basil.jpg ace-poppy.jpg ace-peony.jpg ace-petunia.jpg ace-fudge.jpg
Basil Poppy Peony Petunia Fudge
ace-tarragon.jpg ace-grotto.jpg ace-water.jpg ace-marina.jpg ace-midnight.jpg
Tarragon Grotto Water Marina Midnight
ace-butterscotch.jpg ace-toast.jpg ace-driftwood.jpg ace-char.jpg ace-jet.jpg
Butterscotch Toast Driftwood Char Jet


Grade 1

axis-denim.jpg axis-energy.jpg axis-grove.jpg axis-noir.jpg axis-paprika.jpg
Denim Energy Grove Noir Paprika
axis-summer.jpg axis-truffle.jpg axis-willow.jpg    
Summer Truffle Willow    

Nauga Soft


Grade 2

nauga-deep-sapphire.jpg nauga-feather.jpg nauga-velvet-brown.jpg nauga-cabernet.jpg
Black Satin Deep Sapphire Feather Velvet Brown Cabernet


Grade 2

 knack-berry.jpg  knack-brisk.jpg  knack-carbon.jpg  knack-dark-roast.jpg  knack-filament.jpg
 Berry  Brisk  Carbon  Dark Roast  Filament
 knack-fresco.jpg  knack-glaze.jpg  knack-reed.jpg  knack-sax.jpg  knack-teak.jpg
 Fresco  Glaze  Reed  Sax  Teak
 knack-wave.jpg  knack-zest.jpg  knack-zing.jpg    
 Wave  Zest  Zing    

Neutral Posture U4ia™ Midback Chair Options

Neutral Posture U4ia™ - Add-On Options

  • N-Dulgent Memory Foam [N] - $45.00
  • Seat Slider [S] + $45.00

U4ia™- Arm Options:

Your U4ia™ Series Chair can be ordered without arms, with the standard height and width adjustable arms, or with the [recommended] 5-way adjustable arms which are also height and width adjustable.



4" Adjustable Arms [0] + $75.00

3-arm-specs.jpg 3" Adjustable Arms [3] + $45.00
1-arm-specs.jpg 4" Adjustable Arm w/ Pivot [1] + $90.00
4-arm-specs.jpg Swing Arm [4] + $177.00
9-arm-specs.jpg 5-Way Adjustable Arm [9] + $90.00

Neutral Posture U4ia™ - Casters

  • Carpet Casters [CO] - Included
  • Hard Floor Casters [C1] - $15.00
  • Glides [C2] -  $15.00

Neutral Posture U4ia™ - Cylinders

  • 3" Cylinder [L1] - Included
  • 4" Cylinder [L2] - No Additional Price
  • 5" Cylinder [L3] - No Additional Price

Neutral Posture U4ia™- Bases

  • 26" Black [B0] - Included
  • 26" Polished Aluminum [B6] $85.00

 Neutral Posture U4ia™- Mechanism Options

Knee Tilt [0] - Included Forward Pivot Synchro [2] + $62.00
knee-tilt-0.jpg forwardpivot-2.jpg