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Neutral Posture Standard Keyboard Tray System

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Features & Benefits:

The Neutral Posture Standard-11 Keyboard Tray offers an economic solution for those budget minded individuals looking for a keyboard tray system. The Neutral Posture Standard-11 Keyboard Tray offers anti-skid neoprene pads to hold your keyboard in placeand offers adjustable mouse pad from left to right for added comfort. Choose from a variety of arm options available that suit your needs.

Neutral Posture Standard Keyboard Tray System Features:

  • Comfort - built in wrist rest for added comfort
  • Prevents Keyboard Slippage - built-in, subtle rounded edging to prevent keyboard slippage
  • Anti-skid - comfortable gripping and anti-skid keyboard surface
  • Ease in Adjustment - built-in thumb indentations for ease of tilt and height adjustment
  • Mouse Surface - 8.5" mouse surface with right or left option
  • Fits straight, corner, and natural keyboards.
  • Lifetime Warranty. Neutral Posture Warranty Information

Neutral Posture Standard Keyboard Tray System Specifications:

Keyboard Platform 20" W x 11.25" D
Height range: varies dependant on arm choice
Tilt range: -15° to -15° (varies by arm)
Track Length: 18" -23"  (varies by arm)
Weight 12 lbs.

Why We Like It -

  • Prevents keyboard from slipping
  • Durable and comfortable

This is Good For -

  • People looking for a durable and affordable keyboard tray


Neutral Posture elementAl® Keyboard Tray System Specifications:


  Leverless Sit/Stand Econo Dual Indicator
Code A C E U
Leverless Height Yes Yes    


-6" to 2.5" -6" to 8" -5.25" to 0" -7" to 3.5"
Tilt -15 to 0 -15 to 0 -15 to 15 -15 to 0
Spring Assist Yes Yes Yes Yes
360 Rear Swivel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track Length 23" 21" 18" 23"
Option(s) Short Track 18" 18"   18"
Teflon Track Yes Yes Yes Yes

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