Neutral Posture Neutral Posture E-Series - High Back Task Chair

Neutral Posture E-Series - High Back Task Chair

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 275 lbs
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Features & Benefits:

The Neutral Posture E-Series’ is laterally contoured back and plush seat, envelop the body providing the utmost comfort and support. The Neutral Posture E-Series has 12 standard adjustments to ensure the greatest amount of adjustability, thus allowing it to conform to the body instead of the other way

Neutral Posture E-Series™ - High Back Task Chair Features:

  • Arm Option - choice of 3 arm options to choose from with the standard arm providing highly adjustable support (at no additional cost).
  • Adjustable Back Height -  ability to change back height and angle.
  • Adjustable Seat Height - adjust seat height, depth, angle and tension.
  • Adjustable Arm Height - adjust arm height, width and 360° armpad rotation.
  • Seat Slider- comes standard on the E-Series chair.
  • Forward Tilt-stop  - standard on Multi-function Mechansim.
  • Optional Add-ons -  Hard Floor Casters, Choice of 3" or 4" Cyclinder, or the Fring Footrest are available as optional add-ons.



Neutral Posture E-Series™ - High Back Task Chair Specifications:

Overall dimensions:

42 X 26X 26

Back Height:

Back Width:

Height various by model and ranges from 22"-26"

Back width on all models are 17-20"

Seat Width
Seat height: 17"-21"
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Box dimensions: 28" x 26" x 24"
Weight: 58 lbs






Neutral Posture E-Series™ - High Back Task Chair Fabrics:

All fabrics listed are available in Quick Ship with lead times of 5 day production time and can be purchased online. Other fabrics are available, please call for availability.

Cloud 9 - Grade 3 Fabric

comet.jpg falling-star.jpg new-haze.jpg fog.jpg
Comet Falling Star New Haze Fog
 thunder.jpg tropical-rain.jpg sky-blue.jpg midnight-sky.jpg
Thunder Tropical Rain Sky Blue Midnight Sky
dark-horizon.jpg red-dawn.jpg    
Dark Horizon Red Dawn    


Revive - Grade 3 Fabric

revive-fennel.jpg revive-biscay.jpg revive-ink.jpg revive-beanery.jpg
Fennel Biscay Ink Beanery
revive-canvas.jpg revive-harvest.jpg revive-spice.jpg revive-deep-violet.jpg
Canvas Harvest Spice Deep Violet
revive-mercury.jpg revive-goose.jpg revive-metal.jpg revive-ebony.jpg
Mercury Goose Metal Ebony


Neutral Posture E-Series™ - High Back Task Chair Options:

Neutral Posture E-Series™- Chair Mechanism

ONLY AVAILABLE with Multi-Function Mechanism - [0]

Neutral Posture E-Series™ - Casters

  • Carpet Casters [CO] - Included
  • Hard Floor Casters [C1] - $15.00

Neutral Posture E-Series™ - Cylinders

  • 3" Cylinder [L1] - No Additional Price
  • 5" Cylinder [L3] - Included

Arm Options:

No Arms are included in price. Below are additional arm option, additional charges apply.

Lateral Sliding Arm [2] + $84.00



4" Adjustable Arms [0] + $75.00



5-Way Adjustable [9] + 90.00