Neutral Posture Neutral Posture Cozi Stool

Neutral Posture Cozi Stool

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Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Chair Fit:
Max Weight:
Up to 275 lbs
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Please Note: This chair is custom-made and non-returnable. All fabrics listed online are eligible for the Quick Ship Program. All options that are Quick Ship eligible will have a (QS) next to it in the option dropdown. Quick Ship ships out within 5 - 7 Business days. If an item selected isn't part of the Quick Ship eligible program then additional production time will occur. If you have any questions please contact us at +877-907-8688 or chat with us. We are here to help.

The Neutral Posture Cozi Stool offers a passive weight dispersion design, generous foam, and your choice of a medium or large seat for added comfort. The Neutral Posture Cozi Stool also provides multiple adjustments and various options to tailor to your ergonomic needs. The Neutral Posture Cozi stool would be perfect for a lab or industrial enviornment and has an optional cleanroom upgrade.

Neutral Posture Cozi Stool Features:

  • NeXtep Option - choose between an 8" Stepping NeXtep or 10" Stepping NeXtep upgrade
  • Seat Options - choice of a medium or large seat to suit your ergonomic chair requirements
  • Adjustable Seat Height - adjust seat height, depth, angle and tension
  • Cleanroom Option - optional upgrade for cleanroom setting
  • Optional Add-ons -  2-way Adjustable Headrest, Bullet resistant vest or Memory foam options available. ** Longer production times apply

Neutral Posture Cozi Stool Specifications

Overall dimensions:

43"H x 26"W x 26"D (COZ5651, COZ5751)

43.5"H x 26"W x 26"D (COZ5658, COZ5758, COZ5659, COZ5759)

Back Height Range:


Seat Width: 19.5" - 22"
Seat height:

20.5"-28.5 - Basic Mechanism

22" - 30" - Standard & Deluxe-Tilt Mechanism

Weight limit: 300 lbs
Box dimensions: 36" x 26" x 19"
Chair Weight:

34 lb - Basic Mechanism

46 lbs - Standard & Deluxe-Tilt Mechanism









Neutral Posture Cozi Stool Fabrics

All fabrics listed are available in Quick Ship with lead times of 5 - 7 day production time and can be purchased online. Other fabrics are available, please call +877-907-8688 for availability.

** GRADE 1 is included in the price **

spacer-pewter.jpg spacer-ink.jpg
Spacer - Pewter Spacer - Ink
spacer-black.jpg spacer-wine.jpg
Spacer - Black Spacer - Wine

Grade 2 + $36.00

ace-toast.jpg ace-peony.jpg ace-char.jpg
Ace - Toast Ace - Peony Ace - Char
ace-midnight.jpg ace-jet.jpg  
Ace - Midnight Ace - Jet  

Grade 3 + $72.00

red-dawn-cloud-9-neutral-posture.jpg  midnight-sky-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg new-haze-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg
 Cloud 9 - Red Dawn  Cloud 9 - Midnight Sky  Cloud 9 - New Haze
fog-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg thunder-cloud9-neutral-posture.jpg  
Cloud 9 - Fog Cloud 9 - Thunder  


Neutral Posture Cozi Stool Options:

The Neutral Posture Cozi Stool comes with a variety of options to customize according to your ergonomic requirements.  Some available options to choose from are arms, mechanisms, casters, and additional options such as memory foam or cleanroom upgrade.

Neutral Posture Cozi High Back Ergonomic Executive Chair Seat Choices:

6seat.jpg 7seat.jpg
Medium Seat [6] Large Seat [7] + $30.60


Neutral Posture Cozi High Back Ergonomic Executive Chair Mechanism Choices:

 standard-8.jpg  deluxe-tilt-9.jpg
 Mechanism [1] Basic - Included  Mechanism Standard [8] + $12.60 Mechanism Deluxe-tilt [9] + $24.60

 Neutral Posture Cozi Stool NeXtep Options:

r8.jpg rw8.jpg
NeXtep [R8] or [R10] + $111.00 NeXtep Wide {RW8] pr [RW10] + $177.00


Neutral Posture Cozi Stool Arm Choices:

Your Neutral Posture Cozi High Back Ergonomic Executive Chair comes standard with no arms. A variety of upgrade arm options are available, including a variety of quickship arm options. Quick Ship Arms are: Arm [0] 4" Adjustable, Arm [3] 3" Adjustable, and the standard no arms.

ARM [0] : 4"Adjustable - + $75.00 (QS)

ARM [2]: Lateral Sliding Arm + $84.00

ARM [3]: 3" Adjustable Arms - + $45.00 (QS)
ARM [4]:  Swing - $177.00  arm4-swing-arm.jpg
ARM [6]: C Loop Arm + $45.00  arm6-c-loop-arm.jpg
ARM [7]: Chrome Loop + $45.00  arm7-chrome-loop.jpg
Arm [9]: 5-Way Adjustable Arm + $90.00  arm9-5way-adjustable.jpg